Roman Catholic Page

“launches new Web page of the conservative writer Augustin Freier conservative journalist Marius Augustin page on the net, I want to inform my friends and the readers of my articles with my new homepage faster and better and extend also my connection with readers and publishers, as well as oppose removing personal prejudices”, says Marius Augustin, a marketing manager for the release of the new homepage. On the homepage marius reported Marius Augustin, in addition to his journalistic activities, its social commitment, among others, action right to life all Association and Association for environment and nature protection, but also in the Sodalitas LVDIS LATINIS faciundis e.V. In a further category are a wide variety of images from the multifaceted life of will be published. At the time, the website only with the most important information is stored. After this is extended to all other photos, image galleries, and archived information. There is a new area for good friends.

“Every good friend may be register on the home page as a user. After examination it receives access to the internal section then”, so Marius Augustin. The newly created Member Forum can be discussed then current topics on the Internet. A look at the page is worth so again and again. The native Hesse is 28 years old, Roman Catholic, married Augustin, he published a good number of articles in daily and weekly newspapers, and extensive essays on historical, political, artistic, religious and contemporary issues in various magazines. Dale Debic