Santa Bath

New multifunctional hub bath with integrated but removable seat bathers who have difficulties with a traditional sink, facilitates the Santa bath the entry and exit. The great advantage in the home: Mobile residents can swim independently, the nursing staff is relieved. The claim of the residents on independence and privacy is maintained as long as possible. The Santa-bath is designed as a multifunctional shower for people with different needs. This bath innovation is in the home, the outpatient and inserted in the care in the home. How it works: when boarding is the Santa-bath is already filled with water. The bather takes on the turntable of the integrated seat space and turns in the longitudinal direction of the tubs.

Then the tub with air control at maintenance level is ramped up and the seat dive gently into the water. After the bath the bather is raised again by lowering the tub out of the water. Annoying waiting time, as for bathtubs with door. In the Santa-bath can fit Also optimally swimming people, such as people with disabilities. The seat can be removed with a hand grip. The minor drivability can the Santa-bath be used like a normal lift tub with seat or cloth hoists. Because the tub care level goes, the care team in an upright, back-friendly attitude can work. With light and sound module is the Santa-bath to the wellness oasis: through a special technique, the sound waves cause an effective micro-massage of all cells.

Hygienic, seamlessly integrated high performance emitters colouring the water with regenerating and revitalizing colour in all colours of the Rainbow. The psyche is positively influenced and activates the entire motor and sensor technology. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.!). The satisfaction of residents brings to the staff. The Santa-bath impresses with a good economy, there are multiple needs due to the variable nature of multiple tasks. On the bath body made of high quality acrylic capillary cracks are warranted against 10 years. In addition, he is with an antibacterial equipment delivered, which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Image rights: Trautwein GmbH company description the Trautwein GmbH is specialized in the production of care and disabled bathtubs, professional SPA baths, as well as suspension and floating chairs for relaxing and soft pack treatments. These products are sold in 83 countries around the world. founded in 1928, the focus was on products for physical therapy for decades. Also the developments for the Spa benefit from this knowledge. Durable products “Made in Germany” and the eco-friendly production convinced numerous clients in the fields of hotel, Spa, Spa, hospital, clinic and therapy, as well as in the private sector.