Save Fuel –

“The hit to the end of the year of the potato in 1 potato Hotel Germany: the scoop to the end of the year of the potato in 1 potato Hotel Germany: save fuel – filling up” with potatoes, the potato, this great tuber, is literally on everyone’s lips. Finally, the delicious Earth Apple is an ideal natural product for a health-conscious diet. The first potato-Hotel Germany in the Luneburg Heath offers now a great fuel-efficiency action: wellness holiday of hotel, which is well let it go in the potato pampering week, submit a special travel expenses in the period from January to February 2009: for each liter of muddled is there than equivalent gasoline a kilogram of potatoes! If there is no reason to look in the land for potato fans – eventually moans throughout Germany over the fuel prices. But if a so delicious value for failing litres is offered to visitors, going to the pump is likely not quite so hard. One Imagine: A whole extended family including Grandma, Grandpa and the dog from Bavaria is on the way for Lubeln in the Luneburg Heath, because one should be ever thought about the trip.

Because finally, then not only the luggage, but also the whole delicious Heath potatoes in the trunk should be stowed. On the other hand, the question arises: how are the potatoes for the local lunch processed grated, mashed, baked or roasted? This is no problem, there are delicious recipes for the great tuber but on the part of the hotel to the potatoes on top. And so a whole extended family over longer time on the most excellent can be loose to feed. “In the autumn when the gold of the Heath” is harvested, may the guests on the field and there harvest their own potatoes. Experience nature and dig with your hands in the fresh Earth. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the potato field, where the Kartoffelkraut is burned in the flickering light of the fire. The grand finale: Tischlein deck you”heart on the field, the large potato party for everyone, where you can experience the pleasure of the great tuber quite originally. And right now in the winter, the potatoes are a right stomach patch, hot enjoyed the burning fireplace in the potato restaurant. The potato Spa-relaxing week in the Luneburg Heath offers the following services: five nights in a double room with full Board, breakfast buffet, free use of the sauna area, morning exercise and mineral water in the rooms of potato specialities, regional cuisine and potato diet on request a potato face Pack skin tired and strained from a potato regeneration bath, detoxifying and purifying a potato back pack for deep relaxation and a new sense of well-being and relaxation back massage Info: author: Olaf Stehr