Spacelocker Party

Do you want to have a ‘ dinner party on Spacelocker? It s not your normal dinner party but it can be just as much fun. You can have people from all over the world join you. Do you want to have a “dinner party” on Spacelocker? It’s not your normal dinner party but it can be just as much fun. You can have people from all over the world join you. Read more from Atkis Oncology to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And they can bring you a gift and some things you have never Lakes before.

You may ask how can I have a dinner party on Spacelocker. Well it starts with inviting some Spacemates. First of let’s go to the loose meeting place. Click on the icon which is on the top shelf; on the right side of that shelf. For those who use the default of loose the icon is a red cube with “?” on it now we enter the meeting place page.

In the top box called “who’s on Spacelocker” we can see a sample of people who have signed up to Spacelocker. This sample of members constantly changing is and different all the time shows people. Maybe there is some there who you want to invite to the dinner party. So, look in the box called “who’s new to Spacelocker”. Here you will see the newest member to Spacelocker. I am sure they would appreciate on invitation to a party. It’s always a nice way of getting to know someone by inviting them to a party. And finally there is the box called “who’s online right now”. These are the members who have logged into their Spacelocker account and are currently active in the loose. If you send them to invite to the party you may get on instant response. Now for the invite. Just click on as many of the people in any of the three boxes described above. A screen will open that tells you the Spacelocker members name, age, and location. Click on “add as a friend”. They want to be sent a message to their Spacelocker account and so to their email box that you have requested they be a friend on Spacelocker. If they accept, you can now send them a message about a Spacelocker “dinner party” using the message space below their profile picture on their staff loose page. Once you have a group of Spacemates together suggest to them that you have a “dinner party” at a certain time. Send some gifts to each other. Talk about things you would normally talk about at a dinner party. Or play games. Show pictures and videos. Just have some fun with your new Spacemates just like you would’t with guests at a dinner party. It’s that easy. So get started and invite group of Spacemates for some fun at you Spacelocker “dinner party”.