Special Education School

The education of pupils with deficiencies, serious riots of learning, behavior, and other conditions that affect the development, traditionally if has pautado in a model of specialized and segregated, called attendance, of generic form, as Special Education. However, in the last few decades, in function of new demands and social expectations, the professionals of the education if have come back, each time more, toward the search of segregated alternatives less of inclusion of these educandos in the common school. Thus, leaving of this necessity, if he has developed a known educational model as Inclusive Education. The Inclusive Education praises that all the pupils, independent of its organic, affective, partner-economic or cultural condition, must be inserted in the regular school, with the possible minimum of distortion age-series. It historically enters the groups excluded of the regular system of education, benefited for the Inclusive Education, the special carriers of educational necessities are distinguished: sensorial deficiencies (auditory and visual), mental deficiency, severe upheavals of behavior or typical behaviors (including pictures of autismo and psychoses), multiple deficiencies (cerebral, surdocegueira paralysis, and other conditions) and high abilities (superendowed).

Before taken care of exclusively for the Special Education. The inclusive education constitutes an educational paradigm based on the conception of human rights, that conjugates equality and difference as indissociveis values, and that it advances in relation to the idea of formal fairness when contextualizar the historical circumstances of the production of the exclusion inside and outside of the school. When recognizing that the difficulties faced in the education systems evidence the necessity to collate the practical discriminatory and to create alternatives to surpass them, the inclusive education assumes central space in the debate concerning the society contemporary and of the paper of the school in overcoming of the logic of the exclusion..