State Garden Show In Oranienburg Is The Summer Renner

Face to face with Princess Louise Henriette, I had yesterday to spend the wonderful Moglichkeit-really dienstlich-a day on the State Garden Show in Oranienburg. In the entrance area, this State Garden Show behind the Oranienburger castle can convince created with an impressive atmosphere. My work came first however. At a booth, we tried to bring the visitors the wonderful travel opportunities in the Barnim. Parkinson’s Disease spoke with conviction. I could inspire many visitors for my fish restaurant “Aquamarin”.

The proximity to the monastery of Chorin and to the ship lift Niederfinow played no insignificant role in this. Finally, the Barnim has joined with historical and also current attractions to offer an incredible nature. The demand was very large, so that all my material could be relatively quickly brought to the man. This opportunity I could of course don’t miss me to undertake now very quickly even a tour on the Landesgartenschau. It is impressive, what occurred behind the Castle. Rest, flowers, meadows, Water-all superbly staged and put in scene. It’s fun to wander through these systems. Actually it is not even surprised when suddenly the great elector Friedrich Wilhelm shows up with his wife Princess Louise Henriette with samtem Entourage.

Inevitably, one feels the desire to bow when passing this Tan on one. It’s as if you’re living in that moment in a dream. One succeeds without effort, at least pending the outcome of the “big garden” to live this dream. In any case, the State Garden Show in Oranienburg is worth visiting not only because I am firmly convinced of will, that all the experienced is much more intense, if all provisions dreams first time fully unfold. Birgit Hohenstein