Opposites Attract?

Why is it that female friendship is not there, and male friendship lives forever! What are we – women worse than they are? Are we not able to be friends? Hmm … I do not think so, of course, I'm not arguing that men's friendships break down much more complicated than women, but we also know how to be friends! Just we have different concepts of friendship! If a man's best friend for even ready to sacrifice his beloved, either when a woman will not do! We have an invisible line between friendship and relationships. For that reason, when one of her friends there relationship, and the second will not perceive it as an insult, and in no case will not feel useless! What happens in this case, men! And they have place showdown: "Do you toss us for it, we're your friends, but it's just another girl! You should not give her much time! You forget about your friends! "Well, stuff like that! Well, though it certainly is not all! Yet it happens, it is possible to forgive. Men, though the stronger sex, but in terms of life and the problems it is far from us! They need friends for many more than women. When we have different problems, we can solve their own without someone's help! But in men with these huge problems, they need advice, it would be difficult to find a solution themselves, and indeed they often need emotional discharge in the form of drinking beer with friends watching TV or going to the bar with your friends! And women enough to come to work and relax next to your favorite person! Of – for such discrepancies occur and quarrels. .


Wedding – one of the most solemn event in the life of virtually every girl! Why, even quite young girls with envy stare at the bride, assess their wedding dresses. Time passes, the girls stayut beautiful lady and so is suitable time for an hour 'X' – a preparation for the long-awaited wedding, and with it raises a lot of nice though, but still worries. How to start preparing for the wedding ceremony? Options here may be set – the search for Toastmasters and restaurants, wedding dresses and accessories, wedding stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists up to a trivial choice of professional organizers of the celebrations and wedding photographers. But take it all at once – not recommended, it is better to do little bit of everything but happy! The first thing you need after filed an application to the registrar is to determine what would be the wedding you want. Depends on your desires basic significantly reduced the cost of a wedding photographer, etc. Once the budget bind to the desires, you will be much easier to select the program celebration, but here special attention is the chapel of the ancient wedding tradition – bride. His permissible to entrust the organization of his loyal girlfriend, who, with considerable respect, zeal and ingenuity, has done the job. Oh, and make sure that in order to form in his betrothed a positive attitude to this tradition, convince him that the bride – a truly entertaining and joyfully, not terrible and scary! Another thing about what inevitably will have to beware, once you and your significant other find, finally, among the many bridal salons are exactly the wedding dress, which created just for you – it is a choice of stylist.