10 Commandments On How To Deal With People

10 commandments on how to deal with people: 1. Beware of 'drifting' in your language, try to speak less than you have in mind. Develop a calm and persuasive tone of voice. As you say, often dazhee more important than what you say. 2. Do not let a lot of promises, but if you have already – try to fulfill it, why would you not worth it. More information is housed here: Professor Roy Taylor. 3. Never miss an opportunity to say a good, encouraging word to someone or about someone.

Appreciate the good work, regardless of whether who performed it. If you need to criticize, criticize, so as not to offend people. 4. Show interest to others: their purpose, their work, their home and family. Rejoice with those who are gay, and mourn with those who suffer. Let each person you meet, feels that you are respectful to him. 5.

Be joyous. Do not shoulder the burden of depression around, dedicating them to your minor ailments and frustrations. Remember that each carries its own weight. 6. Let your mind will be open. Argue, but do not quarrel. Symptom brilliant mind to be able to be dissenters, and not to establish itself debater. 7. Let your virtues, that you have, speak for themselves. Try not to talk about the shortcomings of others. Do not support the gossip. This is a waste of precious time, and can be devastating. 8. Remember the feelings of others. Wit and humor over the other are rare for something and can injure a person in the most unexpected moment. 9. Not Ignore the hateful remarks about you. Remember, people who bring you this news, and it may be the best 'speaker' in the world. Simply live so that no one believed him. Nerves that are not in order, and poor digestion – a common cause of aggressive response 'attacks'. 10. Do not admire the fact that you have. Try to do better and be patient. Forget about yourself, let others remember. This success is much more pleasant.


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