Vesterling Welcomes Law Against Shortage

Bundestag decision of highly-qualified policy Munich, April 30, 2012. The Bundestag approved the implementation of the draft of law of qualified EU directive in its plenary session of last Friday. Vesterling Personalberatung welcomed the decision, which will make Germany more attractive for skilled workers from abroad. All in all was a gain for Germany the immigration of young and mobile workers from abroad. To combat the shortage, the new rules had become overdue after the opening of the labour market for workers from Eastern Europe from the perspective of many entrepreneurs was clearly too late is. The scheme provides, inter alia, that in shortage occupations such as in IT or engineering the minimum salary for graduates from non-EU countries will be future 33,000 euro, in other occupations at 44,000 euros. Family members of blue card holders are may also pull Germany and fully working. The blue card entitles you to receive benefits However, do not.

From the perspective of Vesterling, especially the greatly reduced minimum salaries are to be welcomed. Also employers will benefit from in the future that no priority checking is required. No proof is required so more, that no suitable applicants from the EU for the respective place was available”, explains managing director Vesterling Martin. It is not to worry, that this wage dumping. Vesterling also points out that German human resources manager must mentally open for foreign specialists and rethink their often high German proficiency requirements for example. As an IT administrator should not necessarily have stylish German knowledge.

Variable Remuneration For Distribution And Sale

Dashofer with hot topic at the seminar market for sales and marketing Hamburg and Wuppertal, 06.12.2010 – the direction is clear: optimize the variable compensation in distribution and sales. The need to update the operational target and remuneration systems stems from the now statutory duty to promote the sustainability of bonus systems. Most of the currently established remuneration systems to focus on short-term success and take irresponsible risk-taking in purchase. The participants from rank how to optimally operate strategic and operative sales management with targets and modern variable remuneration systems. As a speaker, Dashofer won a top-class experts with the multiple author Gunther Wolf. With regard to the interests of the participants, the dates for the intensive, one-day seminar are at an early stage in the year.

The remuneration and performance professional is expected at the 8.2.2011 in Stuttgart, at the 22.3.2011 in Dusseldorf and at the 7.4.2011 in Berlin. Executives the sales and management, who have to introduce new variable remuneration systems or existing incentive systems to optimize, are the target group of the seminar. Learn how they perform required actual and target analysis, properly make variable remuneration systems and how they optimally accompany introduction and implementation. Wolf is one of the leading experts in the field of variable compensation and performance management around the world. The graduate economist and psychologist has experience with variable remuneration systems as a consultant about 20 years. Global corporations as well as German medium-sized companies among its customers. Therefore, the seminar offers a particularly high benefit: participants from distribution and sale meet innovations directly from the inventor, as about the if-then join, the assessment rate combination or the model of the target optimization.

This Wolf is not at the theoretical level: the consultant will sample cases from its almost inexhaustible wealth of experience from the Practical help. The typical course of the project to the introduction or upgrading of variable remuneration systems for distribution and sale followed the establishment of the seminary almost like a recipe. With this seminar, project managers are well prepared for the challenges in the implementation of a new variable remuneration system. Links: picture material: seminar information and registration: Seminardetails/Variable-Verg%C3%BCtung-in-Vertrieb-und-Verkauf-optimieren/ homepage of Gunther Wolf gunther participating companies: the Wolf I.O. Group GmbH with its headquarters in the Villa of Angel in the historical centre of Wuppertal is the umbrella for specialized divisions. We offer highly professional solutions to increase performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of companies and organizations. We have consistently aligned us oriented to target groups and customers, and structured. provides the WOLF management consulting services for Board members, Managing Director and owner primarily. The consultation focuses on the development and implementation of strategies and objectives, as well as on the sustainable control of performance and efficiency of the company. Dashofer offers current and legally binding information to diverse fields: law, tax, management, corporate governance, human resources and real estate. Our goal is to provide the necessary expertise for qualified business decisions of your company. contact for press / media: Ann k. Klein, 0202/4796290, WOLF I.O. GROUP Ltd. Angel str. 6 42283 Wuppertal wiog.

Innovative Product Range

Lasers & material processing Jena, Jenoptik Division 13.05.2011 – true to the motto “Competence, which combines” Jenoptik and three companies of the Messer Group share also this year a joint stand area. Is that perfectly complements the product range of the company: Jenoptik shows intelligent laser equipment for the 3D-Metallbearbeitung; Messer cutting systems operates 2D laser / plasma / oxyfuel cutting systems. Related software solutions shows MesserSoft. Knives industrial gases is represented by the wide range of gas cutting and welding. Therefore, those interested can consult extensively the process of laser cutting and welding.

Laser robot presented by Jenoptik BIM (beam in motion”) forms the core of a compact machine. All components such as robots, laser, cooler, as well as the rotary table to the placement of the parts to be processed are mounted on a platform of 12 m. This ensures short commissioning and implementation times. Jenoptik machines achieve through the use of new laser sources both in the Weld as also when cutting by laser beam is a high efficiency. The special highlights of the integrated robotic solution include the high work speed with high precision.

This gives the customer just when editing complex 3D-Bauteile a technological lead. The machine, which realized this Know-How, is the laser cutting and welding machine of series JENOPTIK VOTAN. The beam is integrated completely into the robot is unique. Thus, the modular system in laser art and performance ideal on the tasks of the customers is to adapt. This and other products of the Jenoptik laser systems Division will be from 6 to 9 June 2011 the Blechexpo, the 10th International trade fair for sheet metal processing, on the booth of Jenoptik 7308 presented in Hall 7. JENOPTIK counts lasers & material processing with the Division of the leading providers of laser sources up to the complete plants. Jenoptik therefore dominates the entire value chain of laser material processing with development, manufacturing, sales and service and is the Customers as a reliable partner worldwide. For more information about the exhibited products see: metalworking


The Hamburg-based Web Agency atlantis media congratulates the Autism one year successful work Hamburg Hamburg e.V., 10.02.2011: parents of autistic children often alone stand with their problems and concerns. The path to the correct diagnosis is often Rocky and full of obstacles, after the diagnosis shock and helplessness outweigh first. The Autism Hamburg e.V. initiative of parents was founded by concerned parents aiming to bundle their own experience gathered over the years and to pass on their knowledge to other affected families. Recently, the topic of autism in the media is considered more closely, the search for qualified information is still difficult. The medium of the Internet has been very helpful in this regard.

Autism Hamburg was looking for a way to expose their content using a Web site of the public therefore beginning of 2010. The initiative submitted to the Hamburg-based TYPO3 agency atlantis media GmbH their concern and they spontaneously agreed concept, design and technical Implementation of the new website pro-bono to take over. It quickly became clear: autism, there are a number of basic information that should be consistently represented on the Internet. In addition, autism Hamburg needed an easy way to update the contents of the website and to add, but for current events, as well as new research or therapeutic approaches. Atlantis chose the content management system TYPO3 media homepage therefore as a technical basis. After a media of carried out comprehensive administration and editor training can independently and comfortably maintain the volunteers of autism Hamburg the content of the new website and update from atlantis. Through the open source, also no license fees apply technology. The side of the parents initiative at is online since March 2010.

You will find among other things information about early support programmes for autistic children, addressed the legal questions on the subject of autism and cooperations with the Hamburg authorities presented. You can see what information gap was thus closed, on the great and only positive response to the offer. has quickly established itself as number one on search queries about local Hamburg offers and legal issues for concerned parents. The national significance of the site increases constantly. This is not least thanks to the very dedicated work of volunteers of autism Hamburg, which provided site with great devotion and care that maintain them and feed again and again with new information. Atlantis media, TYPO3 agency from Hamburg, congratulates to this success and will continue the ongoing technical support of page.