The Neurologists

the ones are exactly these that more are benefited of the treatment with the botulnica toxin, even so this therapeutical one can be applied in patients of any age. Where he is ' ' mgica' ' of the Botox? To the being applied directly in the muscle, the Botox, used of therapeutical form, hinders or reduces the contraction muscular involuntary that acomete the children with cerebral paralysis (this symptom calls espasticidade – exaggerated contraction and mantidade some muscles due to ' ' controle' ' on the part of the injured brain). The reestablishment or the improvement of the performance of the musculatura compromised for neurological pictures caused by the presence of the Botox must it the same mechanism that makes with that this substance improves the appearance of rugas of an aged face, that is, the secret is in the muscular relaxation. This is the action ' ' mgica' ' of the toxin. The cares in the therapeutical application of botulnica toxin the therapeutical administration of the botulnica toxin of – for an injection intramuscular itself. This procedure demands specialized training and detailed knowledge of the muscles. Generally, who carries through these applications is the neurologists or fisiatras. Before the administration of the substance, the specialist it must proceed to an evaluation to perceive what it is made a mistake in the movement of the patient and, thus, to choose the involved muscles in this process. The doses and places of application always differ from patient stop patient and, therefore, each therapy are individualizada.