The Pupil

On the other hand, the questioned one (B, C and D) opposes the idea of Netto (1976) which presents as one of the factors of the indiscipline the restrictions imposed excessively for the parents, causing, of this form, the indisciplinado behavior. ALS pursues this goal as well. In accordance with the questionnaires answered for the professors (, B and D), they have another look on of the pointed alternatives, as for example, desrespeitador, without limits and disinterested indisciplinado, different the pupil, being that this factor was verified in the comments inside of the classroom, thus divergindo of the answers given for the professors. However, the professor (c) understands that the indisciplinado pupil is that one that possesss all these characteristics (desrespeitador, without limits and disinterested). questioned (, B, C and D) they had answered positively on the presented differences, how much the indiscipline, in the different pertaining to school nets; being that the questioned ones (, C and D) already had worked in other different pertaining to school environments of that they are working currently. It was clearly that only the questioned B executed its abilities in the particular net.

Finally, it can be affirmed that of the eleven questions that had composed the questionnaire applied to the professors, three questions had been presented in common, divergindo itself how much to the vision of the pertaining to school indiscipline on the part of each questioned citizen. 3.1. Conclusion In agreement the comments and the personal impressions carried through by the researchers, the pupils talk demasiadamente at inopportune moments and inapropriados, not existing any correlation between the parallel dialogue and the subject given for the professors. It has a great necessity of speaking, however, in disorganized way and without any form of polidez, however, when having the attention apprehended for a subject of its interest, as it occurred during the comment of the particular institution, them tend to brighten up the colloquy situation.