The Snake

Well, of course! Here he was going to stay with both cry! said Luis, husband of Petra. I believe that it will be useless to continue seeking added Manuel. Yes, I think also confirmed Luis. Maribel heard that in the mouth of men and increased the kick, the screaming and crying, the surface of the risco de “toscal”. He insisted on the stone and continued that she and her children would not enter to the hut, until you see the snake dead. We continue looking for said Manuel, and God wants and appear or we have it clear with the fear of Maribel. -Yes, going and so all were quieter men resumed and sought among stones and scrubs, but the snake wasn’t and tiredness brought them the discouragement. Manuel broke off of the CAP; He scratched his head and oteo with the look.

And it remained so until it was repaired in the straw and barley that overflowed him the carrycot to the donkey. Luis, have you seen the straw that has been gutted of the feeder of the donkey? Luis looked towards the site, took the hand to the face, scratched the Chin, fumbled a spit, streaked with soot and said: now that you say it Yes, but think of it, Yes. That site would be ideal for the hideout of the bicha. We are going to surround it; as if it were hidden between the straw. Get you with the hoe, I hope it to output with the South, if he escapes from your clutches. I go there; but I assure you that if you are among the straw will not escape my claws.

Manuel approached the trough of the donkey, with hoe in hand and flying; and slowly, very slowly it away it, but suddenly he exercised an unpredictable bounce towards the rear: Here it is! Here it is! And there was the snake: hidden among the straw that the donkey had gutted the carrycot. However, while Manuel furious, threw the hoe in the form of axe edge: and the impact would be so accurate that you split it into two halves. Is it poisonous? Is it poisonous? asked Maribel without even alighting “toscal” Risco. I don’t know, Maribel, wait a bit, it still there – said Manuel. Oh my God! If it is huge and he could eat my children No, woman, this bug is not poisonous, nor has the big mouth to eat our children said Manuel for relaxation of tensions and screwed on a stick of gum rockrose. Maribel watched them distance, they and the snake coiled into that stick and quaked by the four flanks Manuel, Yes, Yes, it’s very big and he could eat my children repeated Maribel. No, woman, this bicheja does not attack humans; except when in breeding condition, and specifically, think that all now sought by the hut was your breast milk to feed her, you know? Maribel ducked his head, looked at her own breasts and one after another felt an earthquake of endless chills. Manuel unrolled the Leno and rolled in another larger and showed the two halves of the snake, while he inspected the mouth, head and tail; and in a low voice asked Luis: seems a Viper old and elderly, do not, Luis? Yes, I think Yes. But most would be worth you keep quiet because if it comes to ears of Maribel, I’m afraid you’d have to collect the belongings and leave the calamities and the famine of the original town author and source of the article.