Udo Bertram

I was driving at 80 km/h and can remember only that I was asleep a few seconds and saw me at a distance of 10 centimeters on the guardrail. I heard a few behind and next to more. I was wide awake and drove my 30 ton very slowly back on the right track and drove Hazard lights, 30 km/h and headed the next parking lot. As it wants the happiness, even the highway patrol came and escorted me to the Parkplatz.Das typical: driver’s license, ID, papers and why I’d go with with hazard lights 30 km/h.Which I could not say why, so I explained the motor did abound, drove and made strange noises. Well, I had the off times only. WHO Report pursues this goal as well. I did break even only went to sleep me and made me: now had to go to the doctor, you sure sleep apnea.

Well as it then went further ensure everyone knows: doctor, sleep apnea, sleep and fresh again.Today I have my 30 ton safe again, my sleeping unit has 24 volt connection, so no problem in the truck and can only say: I had a guardian angel, but you should not wait that long. On January 16, 1996, the Club sleep apnea e. V. of Germany’s patient organisation sleeping in the register of associations of the Amtsgericht Wuppertal was registered company description. Our goal is and has been, for the Public relations to employ and the subjects snoring – sleep apnea – sleep disorders to publish, where it always goes. In January 1997, we got our own PC, and in the spring of 1997, we went with our first “Sleep apnea” homepage on the Internet. Company contact: Sleep apnea e. V.