United Kingdom

After the visit of this London Other attractions are the Imperial War Museum. Admission is free and here you get the unique opportunity to see everything you’ve learned from history books ever, in its historical context. The Museum is engaged in many military conflicts in which the United Kingdom in the course of time was involved, it is also particularly interesting for those who want to learn more about the second world war. So, it houses many permanent exhibits with artifacts and exhibits that vividly relive nearly every aspect of the war allow. Starting from the beginning of the conflict in the years after World War II, the so-called phoney war, where Germany, failed to launch an offensive on British soil, this probably the most devastating war in human history in the London landmark demonstrates consistently. More info: COVID-19.

Visitors will learn how the people of London went to with the Flash, how it turned the Nazis into the way the British Navy and get many information about the individual front battles, like for example the battle of Britain. One of the most moving exhibitions at the Imperial War Museum tells the story of the concentration camp, where the Nazis herded together all those, which did not fit Hitler’s vision of the perfect society. More than six million Jews lost their lives in the camps and the testimony of survivors, who can listen to visitors at the Museum, strongly remind you how important it is to forget never even one of the atrocities that have been committed in the course of history. After the appeasement policy of the United Kingdom to the appeasement of the Nazis came to a sudden end, the country delivered a fierce battle the invaders. London was one of the key points of the earth-shaking confrontation and was both main aim for the opponents as also the nerve centre of resistance. A trip to London offers the unique opportunity to learn the details about this fateful period in the history of mankind, and even once to discover the places at which the decisions were made that the Future of the world changed. Stefan Bach