Ursula Becker

The history of the first volume as the remains of Ubertino da Casale, Italian theologian from the 14th century, to the flow of the stricter branch within the Franciscan order was, surprisingly be found in a hidden Chapel, there is no doubt anymore, who has been one of the major mastermind of the old secret society at that time. But the story is only in the presence in the role as the mother house of all Franciscan monasteries in Assisi found an ancient coin and an old parchment which provide valuable information on an almost two millennia-old mystery. This adventure quickly once again divides people into two camps: good and evil. The emerging during the hunt for the decryption knowledge quickly falls into the wrong hands and threatens to bring death and destruction to all. Thus arose a gripping thriller about the trials and tribulations of the history of mankind. Teaser 2 original sin of the 4 elements of circles of life principle to more health, happiness, satisfaction and awareness in life describes the four pillars. Body – heart – mind – soul: are these four areas for the well-being and the quality of life in which interaction of the People? This key question is the starting point of the four-pillar principle by Ursula Becker. You first establishes the direct connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and lit so the overall context of the four areas as the basis for the individual balance, harmony and the personal development process in life. In books, seminars and one-on-one sessions, it gives a guide to hand the people to contact each of the centers of the body in a more intensive contact. Each family stress and personal needs can find out from the constraints of everyday existence, out of professional pressure, now a healthy (body), happy (heart), full (mind) and meaningful (soul) living to learn, because cliffs in our professional such as privacy for our individual balance and harmony are an unhealthy way of life, stress, time pressure, emotional blockages and mental conflicts and separation of the soul from the spiritual self, in the Life is dangerous.