Variant Lebkuchen

Flower vases in innovative forms replace the traditional table arrangement. The flower stalks are cut to different lengths, so a loose effect. Flower varieties like of what comes on the banquet table. Offered all sorts of different stands and containers for candles: Shabby Chic lamps with punched-out heart especially at weddings in the country house style make good. The menu card variant are no limits also the fantasy.

“Well received: menu as a message in a bottle”. For this purpose the meal on pretty paper is printed is then rolled up in decorative colored test tubes or bottles put. Glass can be described with special pins and so serves as place card. All in all even a wonderfully individual give-away, later home serves as a flower vase. As table map Variant Lebkuchen(-Herzen) with frosting inscription and recordable slates are also easy heart-shaped or bordered in Baroque frames. Gifts are considered an integral part of the table decorations.

Among the favourites are Einmachglaschen, which are filled with homemade jam, as well as glass vials with Cork closure, which contain a special oil. Content symbolizes an anecdote from the life of newlyweds, the gift is more personal. Example: the first joint vacation in Italy was spent, fine Italian olive oil would be a good choice. As a filling for decorative organza bags and cardboard boxes tea blends are suitable with colorful flowers, spices, or wedding almonds”, so Sylke man. At the space and exterior decoration striking (giant) lanterns and wooden lanterns care in the used look in all sizes furore put the appropriately festive touch banquets and festivals under the open sky. As regards the colours: it is in, what the bride and groom. New tones are coral, pastel shades of pink about aquamarine and light green to the jewel colours emerald green, Ruby Red, and Safirblau. Silver and gold, as well as rhinestones are still having their grand entrance.