Vesterling Welcomes Law Against Shortage

Bundestag decision of highly-qualified policy Munich, April 30, 2012. The Bundestag approved the implementation of the draft of law of qualified EU directive in its plenary session of last Friday. Vesterling Personalberatung welcomed the decision, which will make Germany more attractive for skilled workers from abroad. All in all was a gain for Germany the immigration of young and mobile workers from abroad. To combat the shortage, the new rules had become overdue after the opening of the labour market for workers from Eastern Europe from the perspective of many entrepreneurs was clearly too late is. The scheme provides, inter alia, that in shortage occupations such as in IT or engineering the minimum salary for graduates from non-EU countries will be future 33,000 euro, in other occupations at 44,000 euros. Family members of blue card holders are may also pull Germany and fully working. The blue card entitles you to receive benefits However, do not.

From the perspective of Vesterling, especially the greatly reduced minimum salaries are to be welcomed. Also employers will benefit from in the future that no priority checking is required. No proof is required so more, that no suitable applicants from the EU for the respective place was available”, explains managing director Vesterling Martin. It is not to worry, that this wage dumping. Vesterling also points out that German human resources manager must mentally open for foreign specialists and rethink their often high German proficiency requirements for example. As an IT administrator should not necessarily have stylish German knowledge.