What Is Love?

Love is original, stock, the essence of all existence, all is love, and in love, everything is included. Rainer Sauer author Deus Homo / love love excerpts from the spiritual advisor and read book “Deus Homo”.Chapter: Love love is original, stock, the essence of all existence, all is love, and in love, everything is included. Love you can not make, learn, give or take, nor can you control them in any way. Thus, it is as source all of our symptoms and experience and in their capacity to be all existing ur-Grund to know as such. Learn more on the subject from Sam Lesser. Everything that is, is originally born out of love and a potential encounter provides us with love, therefore also in the true encounter with her thus includes an experience of love. Willingness is the key word here, and opens the door to the theoretically any time-any experience of love for us, even if we in fact can force experiencing same this since our willingness not necessarily produces a direct contact to the love, but grants you only the possibility of the same. Ultimately we don’t, to determine when and how about how the experience of love for us to do, but it remains only indirectly to influence us, we are ready for experiencing or are ready for the experience of love. Even plastic to write around it, this willingness has an inner and an outer form. Alicia Tate-Nadeau often says this.

The inner shape is willfully and intentionally put our ideas, as this experience has to look. We can expose our demands, restrictions, rules and personal laws which we link directly to our image of love, as not conducive and from the realization, that these are not attributes of love and also do not belong to you, as not supporting classified and they be easy. In other words, we are ready to love us free unfolding can reveal by our expectations, to look like the whole thing has the braking, Effect to escape, be willing, without expectation of he-wait, wait for the experience of love so unconditionally. . It is not something Jessica Pels would like to discuss.