White Water

They were so seductive and elegant how much two fiancs; if felt thus exactly The unusual one of the situation, the expectation badly contained, the anxiety for what it could happen, took account of its faces, that was more than pink, reddened e> Been born and created in a quarter of plants, So Paulo. One was moleque glad, living with its flock, inventing new features; it was in the park of the White Water, hunting passarinhos; only because he was forbidden. Tranquilo attended a course a elementary school, more for the intelligence that for the study. When it entered in the gymnasium, he was distracted, thoughtful, as some important problem was being decided. That nothing: it was pure lack of concentration. It lived in clouds, and alone it went down in the hour of the supper, because the hunger, in that age, was as much.

It stopped to study in the end of the gymnasium and was to look job in the door of> plants, leading in the hand its mirrado canudinho, that it did not raise no interest. It entered as torneiro apprentice in the first firm that gave a possibility to it. It had fifteen years. was learning the profession, slowly, in the way more possible boat. Six years later, when leaving the plant, one afternoon, had a vision.

He was Teresa, who at the time had 18 years, a pretty and glad girl, as all would have to be in this age. It did not give attention in nobody and Daniel liked this species of pride exactly, detached that it of the others. He swore he would conquer that it. He was encircling, coming close themselves to devagar, each day a bit more close, closer, taking care of its appearance more than, aparando the hair, trying to take off of I smell it to the body of the oil impregnated in the clothes and the skin, that the profession folloies.