Windows XP

4. Wheels – without them it would be on record. If the drive can record different data and information – documents, pictures, music, movies. Today you can find blank CDs on sale in any stores – in packages and individually. Wheels come in different types: – CD-Recordable or CD-R (single-entry drives) – on the drive you can record the information only once (in best case, you can append information to the end of the drive, but to erase and re-burn the disc can not be). – CD-Rewritable, or CD-RW (rewritable discs or rewritable discs) – so you can overwrite the disk, ie, wash with his information and record other information. Working with these discs is as follows: recorded, cleaned, and recorded other information, erased, and recorded again until the resource has not yet izcherpaetsya drive. – DVD-R (DVD + R) – 'disposable' DVD-discs: As in the case of CD-R, you can record a disc only once, to erase the recorded information, you can not.

On the differences between DVD-R from DVD + R, you will learn in another article. – DVD-RW (DVD + RW) – reusable DVD-discs. Disks with write-once the prime called 'blanks'. When you purchase a CD-ROM drive, note the following properties: the write speed and capacity. With conventional CD-R problems you would not – almost all of them allow you to burn 700 MB of data with maximum speed of 48x or 52X. But with a CD-RW situation is somewhat different: you can sell a rewritable disk capacity 650 MB, which can only write at 4x.

On a normal movie even can not record, even if fit, then recorded it will be very long (about 20 minutes). For a start buy some rewritable (DVD) CD-RW discs. If something goes wrong, you at least be able to overwrite them, and the discs, damaged by unsuccessful attempts at writing, you have to throw it away. When 'nabete' hand (after recording three to five discs), you can use regular (DVD) CD-R. 5. Software (software) for recording CD / DVD. Basically, if you are using Windows XP / Vista, then in itself already has built-in recording. However, they quite flawed and can only record CD-R (single-use CD-ROMs). It is strongly recommended for these purposes to use special programs. Most preferred from the rest of the program is Nero, One of the best and most functional of its kind. You can always download nero on the manufacturer's website, or any other Internet resources.