Link Farm

The theme of inbound links has gained notoriety and today all that we develop E-commerce activities we know that this is very important for the positioning of a website. By the way is very I lawful and legal, link to other pages, and so much so, that it has become a tool of certain and valid widely used that increases the popularity of your website from the search engines and get natural or organic positioning as it is called. But that is a farm of links? Also call (Link Farms), is basically a web site that contains many links and which has been created with the specific purpose which is the increase the PageRank of sites that placed their links. It is very important to know perfectly distinguish the difference which exists between these sites and the real genuine directories, and that latter have requested the inclusion of your site. I think that it doesn’t use this method (find links regardless as) to achieve better positioning, and less if you have to pay for the links; I recommend getting links from quality and this is a job that takes its time. Some say that if you do, Google will penalize you, but this is not true, at least Google penalized link farm; But if consultation with any professional serious webmaster, I will say that this form of search to improve the positioning is not recommended and much less if you want to have a formal web site and gain prestige.

As many of these sites are created by spammers, there’s something you should know, and is that you can have some drawbacks with this practice; as you have to register to enter and leave the site all your data, these, they are exploited to sell them to companies that, in turn, form juicy E-mail lists, which they also sell, everything is business as you can see. The truth is that you can so begin reaching your email box spam without knowing from where and in very numerous, with the logical discomfort and loss amount of time that this causes. do you have never offered lists with thousands of E-mail addresses for one few dollars? well I think that you understand me. In addition, as surely you do not you would like to integrate one of these lists, it nor interested in buying them. Finally: The important thing is that you must not confuse you, reciprocal links are, as I said, lawful and is of great value that you have them on your web site, but it’s just a way more improve the positioning, is not the only. What is real is that everything gets working, directories, publishing articles, creating interesting content, posting on blogs, participating in forums, etc., etc. Finally, the Link Farm are considered a form of Spam by search engines, simply avoid them. Lots of luck!