Nuria Pairs

NURIA PAIRS that I am, that we are (tell us) the Spain Pilgrim Oh, what a beautiful name! what name so nice to go into the world as a deployed candles, as a strange old Caravel boat adrift! What boat so nice if I had a small spur to anger! Nuria pairs. THE single voice those children and girls of the war that came out to the exile and which were as Nuria Pares, poets who were not included in the poetry anthologies of Spanish literature of postwar published in our country, suffered an injustice more among the many that were committed against the vanquished in war and their descendants over many decades. Nuria Pares and Luis Rius, sons of exiles, appear for the first time alongside his contemporaries the Spain of the interior, in Panorama of modern Spanish poetry (1953), anthology appeared in Buenos Aires, the exiled poet Enrique Azcoaga. Independent poet, spiritual daughter of Philip Leon, publishes poems in various journals. When in 1951 public Romances of the single voice, is revealed as a great promise, which is fulfilled in the book plainsong (1959), whose initial verses are a manifesto – yours and others – impressive: nobody chose his heritage. / Ni tu ni yo.

We chose this bleak inheritance does not waive / I resigned to this bleak inheritance: / with my broken throat proclaim it, / with my empty handed today I write it, / with my arouses emotion stress, / with my share of time I understonde and signed. 1959 Also is your Acapulco poems. Much later, in 1987, appears his book climax of light, which brings together the previous poems. The poet, essayist, translator, and literary and criticism art Nuria Pares – who began using the name Nuria Balcells – born in Barcelona in 1925. At the age of two months he moved to Madrid with his parents Ricardo Balcells (lawyer and diplomat) and Concepcion de los Reyes. .

Holland Young

The money is ‘ great ganador’ and the cause of the drug consumption. It is anonymous, uniform and permanent; I create to have read that is in operation does more than 4. 500 years in mercantile interchanges. This is sad, but it is the pure reality. Powerful horseman is gift money! , that says our Spanish collection of proverbs.

We finish speaking of illegal drugs. idiosyncrasy of each country is different: Madrid is not Paris nor New York. Perhaps, which is good for Holland is not it for Spain. Would accept the Spanish society the legality of certain toxic substances? I am speaking of the Cannabis, to say something. I believe that they are the doctors, legalistic, moralistic. , who, in short, have the last word. We cannot ot even for a moment forget that, although we do not express it tacitly, our good friendly the alcohol and the tobacco is authentic drugs in our 21st century, finished to begin.

And it is that the cigarettes that are sold – to consume are authentic sweepings for our organisms (by the way, that, 95% than are smoked, without doubt, are injurious substances for the human body: not only in the long term, but to short. Once the nicotine penetrates in our lungs never never leaves. And it is more: all we have knowledge of which to smoke cigarettes – their chemical nicotine and other components, are the people in charge of the infantile sudden death – young and children, if their mothers consume cigarettes during the pregnancy. Of the alcohol we can possibly say the same, and but she burdens, since young – young and young included between the 10 and 12 years in future, with spending power sufficient, during all the week ends they consume alcohol – the sufficient amount so that, some of them, even loses his you bring back to consciousness. Of course, causing corresponding to the misfortunes to father and relatives when they are called to ambulatory hospitals and where you have been taken care of as a result of its state of intoxication. Sad grief! , because one is also is father and. We have finished speaking of legal drugs. And known he is that the alcohol and the tobacco, without a doubt, are authentic drugs, and also they kill. He is known well that to smoke during the pregnancy he is harms for the fetus that inhabits in the belly of the mothers – our daughters of Eva-. And here we can include the syndrome of infantile sudden death, associated to the multiple factors that are associated to this last one, and whose main cause of the same we must to include the nicotine.

Fear In The Trade

Most losing traders are trading in fear. More info: John Studzinski. Their fear is usually execute the scripts in which they see themselves as failing as traders lose all their money and self-confidence and / or repeating past failures. When I talk with this type of frightened traders, I find it interesting that they actually visualize myself failing even before they actually start trading. They also feel that we should show family, friends and society, how they are going to succeed. Yet, they see themselves as failing in the presence of all those to whom they are going to prove something. A similar type of scared thinking creates tension and leads to emotional trading on the basis of fear. This, in turn, feeds the fear, which creates additional stress and anxiety, and usually leads to the manifestation in real life what frightened traders feared at the beginning – a failure! The trader never gave myself a chance! Our thoughts shape our beliefs that shape our reality. In trading, this phenomenon has profound implications. Esselstyn Jr..

If we thought that can fail, then we create a seed that shapes our beliefs and causes a failure, all because we just think about it. Leave a loophole in his brain, where fear can hold, and assume that your fear becomes a reality. Your fear even has a few great chances of occurrence, rather than the fear that you are opposed. The reason for this is simple – because this fear is 'low' is a reality, it is usually the fear that you will most afraid of.

Upper Palatinate

Winter holidays in the heart of Europe in Tannesberg Tannesberg (tvo). The Northern Oberpfalz is the center of Europe. Here, in geologically interesting area, lies the village Tannesberg through the Viabono seal of quality as a special nature destination excellent. The varied landscape of the Northern upper Palatine forest nature park is in winter ideal for a break from everyday life. Around Tannesberg, especially the geological nature trail, the Castle Hill and the KAINZ Valley excellent ecologically valuable Habitat are well worth an excursion in the nature. You can stay at the sport – und Wellnesshotel post in Tannesberg 47 euros per person with half board. This family-run hotel offers an attractive sauna area with indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Turkish steam bath, fitness room and bowling alleys, cosmetics, Kinesiology and massages. In the competition of Bavarian cuisine 2007 “the post was awarded with a silver medal.

Bookings: Sport – und Wellnesshotel post, marketplace 25, 92723 Tannesberg, Tel. 09655 / 9300,,. Our tip for the month of December: Christmas huts in castles and artisan Arts transform into magical Christmas worlds romantic illuminated castles, Castle Gardens and courtyards. Here the most beautiful Christmas markets in the castles and palaces of Eastern Bavaria: Castle von Thurn + Taxis in Regensburg, Castle Burgtreswitz in MOSS Creek, Castle of good corner in Nabburg, Castle Thierlstein in Cham Castle Neunburg Vorm Wald, Burgruine Leuchtenberg Castle Mitterfels, Burg Parsberg, ruins of the Hildgartsberg Castle in hofkirchen.

Psicossocial Attention

Taste very of the work developed for the CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention), I wait one day to work in this modality of service. In 2009 when she was in the graduation, I carried through not curricular period of training in one known hospital psychiatric of the region of the great Florianpolis the IPQ (Institute of Psychiatry of Santa Catarina), known as the Colony Santana. Learn more on the subject from CEO Mark Thompson. I was 13 months in this period of training and could learn very and to know the hard reality of who lives in an institutionalized life. My work of course conclusion had as subject: The permanence of the treatment in mental health in the psychiatric hospital in the manicomial logic: story of an experience. This TCC was published in the library of the UNISUL, I carried through corrections to improve the writing of the work and rewrote this in the first person of the singular, when these corrections will be finished and the formatted work, I will publish in my site the brought up to date version. In this year I created the site and I am credential for the CFP (Federal Advice of Psychology) to give in my site the psychological services mediated by computer that are regulated by RESOLUTION CFP N 012/2005 as: psychological and affective-sexual orientation, professional orientation, orientation of learning and pertaining to school psychology. I carry through the atendimentos for email or MSN. I can all take care of to people of Brazil and other countries.

Public lathe with much pride my trajectory of life and beginning of professional career, I wait that my experience of life in some way can help motivating people who want to be successful in the life. Many times, for the experience of the other, exactly that this is and is always different of ours, we can seeing in them in a condition to be successful exactly ahead of the difficulties. History is constant and dynamic, we have many possibilities in the life, these possibilities depend on our movement in the world, and alone we can choose as we put into motion in them in the world. From our choices and of as we search to carry through the objectives that we want are that we extend the possibilities to be successful in the life. Difficulties are gifts in the day the day, the important one are not to stop in these. I go to in front continue following, searching to carry through my objectives and creating others, the life continues!

Personal Training

Personal training effect in the own zone of active sports park Moers belongs to the modern training centers, where a regular review of the individually achieved efficiency is decisive. Control and that need power not only for top athletes. Who runs endurance sports, should keep always have his heart in the eye. Just as a training success is guaranteed. Neither speed nor intensity reflect the fitness and an athlete’s fitness. Only the pulse can really determine how fit it is. Therefore, the individual training plans in terms of endurance are based exclusively on the respective heart rate.

At the beginning of the determination of the optimum zone is, then determine the heart rate during exercise. Polar knows also Michaela Banderenko, master guide of the company. While an interesting lecture in the active sports park Moers made it clear, that the measurement of the heart rate is the most important parameter in the grassroots. Effective training in terms of endurance and coincides with the heart rate. So that the measurement is fast, and reliable place, there are special fitness watches, which are worn on the wrist. Professional cardio machines capture the heartbeat of chest straps.

In both cases, reliable results will be delivered.” Most customers in the active sports park want to improve their fitness. To be able to offer an effective as well as safe training, we rely in advance on a personal fitness test”, says the budding sports and fitness merchant Bastian Nutt. This test is carried out with the polar watches in the so-called own zone’. While the device determines the right intensity with which our customers achieve the personal training effect.” More information:


Male fertility is poor according to statistical studies over seven percent of German men suffer from fertility problems. s. The few men know but, that something with their fertility. Once the desired pregnancy does not occur the first men make their thoughts. Even if one wishes now no children as a man, you should still care that the own sperm cells stay healthy. What does affect the fertility of the man? Environmental impact: Through the massive use of the contraceptive pill, more and more female hormones into the drinking water, which of course significantly degrades the fertility of the man. PCB also has negative impact on the fertility.

The influence of environmental toxins on the libido of the man is also a rather negative. Temperature: Not without reason the sperm production of the man outside his body takes place. A temperature of 33-35 degrees is ideal for the sperm cells of man. The temperature increased only minimally, this is a problem, because the Quality of the semen is changed to the negative. Sports: sports and physical fitness have a positive impact on the quality of male sperm. But it may not be exaggerated.This it should be only a normal exercise. Anyone who thinks his performance to must increase with hormone preparations, its fertility does nothing good. Sedentary is a problem: even long periods of sitting, as is for example the case with truckers, is on the fertility of the man’s detrimental.

Enjoy poisons, such as smoking, alcohol or drugs also change the quality of the semen. During ejaculation, the number of sperm and their motility decreases up to thirty percent. Even when a man, his weight has influence on its fertility. Being overweight or underweight, both has a negative impact on the fertility of the man

JogStyle Running

As the available energy sources of the body be used more effectively and the personal basic endurance improved. So, the deliberately induced energy shortage State due to the sober course”can optimize fat metabolism. Training supervision with the JogStyle despite all advantages of the morning training should runners not overdo it: take longer than 60 minutes of running on an empty stomach should not, to avoid an excessive feeling of hunger or even stomach cramps. Also the speed should be in the moderate range. Tempo runs are better placed in the afternoon or evening hours. Early athletes are optimally equipped with the JogStyle by Omron Healthcare.

The handy running computer not only reliably provide values to current and average speed, distance and duration, but measures the calories and fat consumption of the runner during training sessions. Using the memory function the user can his personal Performance monitor at any time, analyze and selectively improve. So the sports start in the day is guaranteed! Additional information and recent articles around the subject of running sports and health are available new on every week. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use.

The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries.

Macrobiotic Diet

Today I ran into a friend who dropped 60 pounds in 3 months with the help of protein shakes and a nutritionist. He was weighing in December some 300 pounds when he had his Eureka moment and made a decision to improve his physical fitness to lose weight. What he did was make a combination of protein shakes with a nutritionist, that worked for him. Muscular dystrophy wanted to know more. And I got to thinking, what are the characteristics of diets that work? We got to talk and therefore arrived at the following five points: 1. low-cost diets that work (especially now with the economic crisis) are diets that can be carried out with an investment that does not much affect the Pocket. Example, Macrobiotic Diet is an excellent diet, but it is very expensive! All the ingredients are not necessarily achieved and if you got one you drop weight because he would eat that diet is so expensive. Outside the Eastern countries where you can find easily the ingredients, this type of diet is made very uphill to the Pocket.

2 Sustainable and realistic pineapple, cabbage soup diet diet. etc. Very nice for 4 days but and then? Do you really believe that pineapple all-day dining is good long term? Imagine eating pineapple for a full month. It is to go crazy! Which brings me to the next point. 3 Make nutritious diet to lose weight should consider all the nutrients that the body needs. They are these moments where we could develop some nutritional deficiency by poor nutrition. The perfect diet should contain a balance of all the vitamins, nutrients and foods from all the food groups. 4 Permissive mental health this point is very personal.

Anyone who has had to resort to the help of a special diet should know what I’m talking about. By mental health occasionally eat that Burger with cheese and Bacon comes in handy. It is not be little optimistic but we will die like whether we eat them or not! Then, what is the desire for being extremist in this life? Is everything balancing truth? You should eat that piece of pizza from time to time, and the day after to be able to follow the diet. But only a piece! OK, two, do but no more now? 5. Effective that results seems obvious, but not. Many people are experts at making excuses. Eternally be diet, nothing works, I have apparently problems to the thyroid, etc. are always on a diet but never lose weight. Sometimes it is necessary to start a psychological process first to find out the seriousness of the person before you begin a regimen to lose weight. The perfect diet should give results, should not be quick, nor nor slow. One is the owner of the process. It must empower their experience and so live it to the fullest. It is that everything in life you learn something, any person entering a process of losing weight comes out is known more himself to the end of the process when started. And that is another advantage of choosing to lose weight.

Lose Abdominal Fat

Would you lose so uncomfortable that abdominal fat that (a) it makes you feel and can look you against others. (Similarly see: PIMCO). Although there are a number of techniques, diet, etc. that you can do to lose a couple of pounds, lose weight very quickly, just like any other sudden changes, can be harmful and even dangerous for your body. While it is true that miraculous diets, slimming pills or they can actually help you lose weight, it is also true that things like these can end up damaging your health to the point of irreversible damage. Then, what is the best way to lose stubborn stomach fat and have a flat stomach without fat?.

Well, I would like to introduce you to the professional in abdomen, MIKE GEARY. He is a coach with worldwide recognition, and also a specialist certificate in nutrition; its principles have been treated, tested and approved by hundreds of people with the same problems as you. Mike Geary, has a program called the truth about ABS perfect. This program goes beyond their own exercises and recommended food, shows you how trained your mind to adopt a true this life FITNESS, so that wont have to struggle anymore with your healthy diet or taking motivation for you to exercise. Here you can show the testimonies of some of the more than 263,000 people worldwide who have tried this program. Page 34: thirteen specific types of foods that help fight fat belly (beyond fruits and vegetables). Page 13: the 6 step process that is more important than any exercise or diet, this guarantees you be motivated and take action in your new lifestyle.

Page 26: the crazy trick that I learned that in fact transformed the way in which he thought of junk food and go wrong choosing food healthy and enjoy it rather than junk food. Highly recommended if you want to lose those extra pounds. You can find the program at losing Abdominal Fat.