Auditing Activities

At the moment the only method of spiritual and intellectual development of man and abilities at all, who really gives a precise predictable result, it is auditing. The word means the auditing activities consists in the fact that specially trained people – auditor, listens and gives the team. Auditor – one who listens, the listener. Scientology auditing, and – processing (another name) may, among other things, raise the ratio intelligence of the individual to improve his ability and desire to communicate, to improve its attitude towards other people, to increase its potential to lead to harmony and family life, increase ability to artistic creativity, speed up its response and make his life more prosperous. Auditor and preclear are on the street or in a quiet place where they are no one will disturb them, and where nothing will be interrupted. You may want to visit Daversa Partners to increase your knowledge. The task of an auditor is Preclear to give (a person receiving auditing) to determine, the exact commands that preclear can follow and that it can perform. The purpose of auditor – increasing the abilities of Preclear. Every day more and more people receive auditing, which immediately affects their lives.

This is evidenced by the numerous success stories Preclears. One of these stories you can read here. Fortunately, in Russia the number of trained auditors growing rapidly, and today you can find a good auditor in almost every more or less a major city in Russia. Not to mention cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow. To date, the words auditing and St.

Petersburg has almost become a sister, thanks to the resulting hours of auditing in the northern capital. To raise its capacity at an incredibly high level in a city with a rich spiritual culture, perhaps, one of the finest adventure for the Russian people. Get auditing, become an auditor and give it another miracle – a miracle of new (or long forgotten) to reveal the possibilities, the miracle of life, full of happiness and understanding. And this is not anything that gives auditing person.