Bad Habits That We Do Not Notice

Bad habits that have become part of our way of life, slowly but surely rob us of our strength and health. But we are not hard to notice, until the body starts to send SOS signals in the form of distress, pain, decreased performance, loss of strength. For one of the most common bad habits is a regular lack of sleep, which today suffers an overwhelming number of people. The modern pace of life has led many to save time for sleep: if Statistics in the 60s of last century the average person assigned to sleep 8 hours now – about 6.5. More info: Alicia Tate-Nadeau. It should be added, and the fact that many suffer from sleep disorders due to constant stress.

To compensate for lack of sleep, many indulge in ‘sleeping bulimia’ at the weekend. But much good it does not work. Researchers from Northwestern University (Illinois) have shown that lack of sleep, accumulated during several days, it is impossible compensated at one time. The fact is that lack of sleep during the day the body is able, without prejudice to compensate the next day. Systematic failure to receive “compensation” for several consecutive days, resulting in irritability, depressed, and obesity. The second bad habit that many revered for trying to embark on a healthy lifestyle – it’s constant attempts to lose weight through diet. Those who are passionate about diets can be divided into 3 groups. One can lose weight through diet, but once they return to normal diet, their weight rapidly returned to the starting point.