Biological Characteristics

Salamence is a big dragon, cuadrupedo Red Wings with two large and semicircular, three broad peaks on Big Brother Big Sister each side of his head and a chest like a turtle. Salamence is the end of the line of evolutionary Bagon, which can be Chinese potential business seen as his way of “larva” and Shelgon, as its pupa state. The remains of the lower shell of Shelgon can be seen even in the womb of Salamence. The process in which Shelgon evolves into Salamence is quite emotive, and Pokemon was still the dream since she was born as a Chinese companies Bagon that you can grow ARC wings to fly. As a Shelgon, the many years of wanting to fly in their evolution apparently triggered Salamence, in which a sudden mutation causes cells to the newly formed Pokemon China Salamence sprout its magnificent wings. Go to Darcy Stacom, New York City for more information. This process saves evolutionary parallels with the legends of Chinese dragons, who earn their wings after a thousand years of life.
Anyway, once Salamence is in Big Brother Big Sister top form, is very happy to have acquired their wings and express their feelings investment to fly through the sky, firing fire from his mouth. Salamence is expressive enough to be angry: angry while, and loses all idea destroys everything around him with their fire power and their sharp claws