Carving Artists Wanted!

Elite of the Gemuseschnitzer himself arrives to the first European competition in Leipzig to a competition where special guests the Leipzig trade fair guests from 4 to 6 September 2011: Gemuseschnitzer from all over Europe have their first cross-border competition according to uniform guidelines. “The traditional Chinese art of vegetable carving has found many followers in Europe in recent years,” explains Ulrike Lange, Project Director of guest-show. “Cooking artistry clubs have formed in several countries, organised competitions according to its own rules. “At a meeting in November 2010, the assets, decided to found a European umbrella organisation – and as a first joint project was a ‘ European vegetable carving contest ‘ launched.” The competition of the Gemuseschnitzer held in the future all two years at different locations. First station is Leipzig, and for good reason: since the Saxony-based food artistic e.V.

– his character the only registered Club in The performances of Koch artists are Europe, dedicated to the fruit and vegetable carving – at the Leipzig guests in 2003 for the first time joined in action, a highlight for visitors and media. Spectacular actions such as the Guinness book record attempt to the world’s largest vegetable carving showpiece, the presentation of a life-sized Peacock or the alignment of an “original of Chinese vegetable carving competition” Leipziger Messe has become the well-known scene of German cooking artistry. The food artistic e.V., which has currently 50 members, is responsible together with the team of guest-show for the Organization of the “first European vegetable carving competition” in Leipzig. Read more from Tom Florio to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “The visitors can look forward to all three days of the fair, exciting and attractive performances”, promises Konstanze Topel, co-founder of the Association, and even successful cooking artist. “At least 50 different exhibits are every day to admire, a variety that has never existed!”, explains the Sales trainer, which represents the German Gemuseschnitzer of the European umbrella organisation.