CNN Year

The exact cause of death is not yet clear as has been reported today on CNN the only son of John Travolta at the age of 16 years has died. At a joint vacation in the Bahamas, the son of US actor to had a seizure, which then led to a cardiac arrest. How the representative today CNN tells of John Travolta death for all was “quite surprising”. Also, it was the “worst day in John’s life”. Understandably. The exact cause of death is not yet clear. An autopsy should therefore bring certainty.

Of course the media reports already move. The people magazine reported, the 16 year old fell in the bathroom and struck on the head itself. reported that a service force found the lifeless body of the boy was. For years, it was speculated whether the 16 year old boy suffering from autism. This has denied the actor John Travolta but always vehemently. Rather the 16 year old to the Kawasaki syndrome suffer or have suffered. These Disease is a feverish vascular inflammation at the ill especially children under five years of age.

The disease may result in numerous organs affected, including the heart. However, this is care in the light of the sudden death of the boy. Rather, the exact cause of death counts now for the family to learn and then to bury their son in Florida. One can wish the family very much force after such a severe stroke of fate. Lisa Walters