Eye Drops Must Be Applied Properly

Eye drops are a form of a medicinal product to be applied to the eye. The included drug can unfold through the locally at best its effect a drops in the eye and its aqueous form. The classical fields of application for eye drops are the treatments of dryness and irritation of the eye, glaucoma and conjunctiva – and corneal inflammation. At the beginning of glaucoma therapy, eye drops are the most important form of treatment for the reduction of intraocular pressure. They are not properly dripped, it can have no effect and that can worsen glaucoma. About half of all glaucoma patients incorrectly used eye drops. Some patients forget one or more applications. Others remember though to take, drop but wrong. The drops are not properly applied on the surface of the eye, or they are washed out by excessive blinking again. Many patients mistakenly believe that two or more drops of the same drug are more effective than just a single. However, a higher dose than prescribed may one With corresponding adverse effects result in drug overdose. The eye doctor connects issuing a prescription certain expectations for his patients. He expects that reliably take your eye drops. Eye drops can – only seem like all other medications if they are applied regularly and correctly according to the doctor’s recommendation. Failures in the drug treatment are often attributable to the incorrect application of eye drops. Especially glaucoma patients seem to keep frequently not to her doctor’s for various reasons. Say therefore your doctor necessarily, if you forgot to take your medication, or if you believe to have made something perhaps not entirely accurate. No eye drops with Tetryzoline should be used in children under 2 years of age and in people with an elevated intraocular pressure. The drug must not be used during pregnancy and lactation. As with all medications, it can also with eye drops to Side effects occur. The patient needs to know that only the most important and best known side effects are listed in the leaflets. You can occur, but does not need because everyone responds differently to medicines. Sometimes people react allergic to medications. If you experience an allergic reaction, you inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Some of the best-known side effects can be headache, sleeplessness or heart palpitations. Often is also reported from blurry vision when applying eye drops, because the eyes and the conjunctiva become irritated. No eye drops are prescribed even when taking medications for depression.