Funeral Care – Funeral

I have nothing to do with the death. I am, he is not. He is, I’m not. (Epicurus) Some people worry about a funeral provision but still, others do not know sometimes the need and are unaware of the reason for the action. Partly also a degree of uncertainty emerged among people after the Elimination of death money through insurance since 2004.

More and more insurance companies offer funeral often the product under the name of funeral care. But what is really a funeral provision? It generally to ensure the desire of the people for his burial itself and advance to put them, to regulate in a funeral care contract. Everyone can make a funeral care during his lifetime. This scheme is primarily against the death duty of care and rights of the next family member, which are regulated in the burial laws of the Lander. In case of normal funeral pension contracts are concluded directly funeral services. Therefore, it is important in time the undertaker of his confidence to search, which is then able to take over their own burial and they just become designed as one has imagined it.

The pension agreements concluded with funeral services, are legally binding and apply to the death of a party beyond. This means, no heritage can intervene in the already predetermined funeral wishes, the plea of third parties is not possible. Only the retirement itself may make changes to the contract. Such a contract is generally not inherently tied to a funeral or a fiduciary deposit. During his lifetime, no one must ensure that his burial may also be funded. However, it is certainly useful to worry about the financing of desired have burial. A funeral has the advantage that it by the social services not as usable capacity ( 90 SGB XII) is seen and this is thus to be not the protected assets.