Gaston Pereira

And of course the need to have self talk, reveals their innermost feelings, a specialist. This is a specialist, not the priest, which identifies parents or a friend, a person, listen to confess our confidences, we trust with anyone. At the same time, the question carried out through case studies and experiences and put on trial conduct or standards of tradition dictated. Parenting by female virginity until marriage sexuality in these behaviors more intimate, private, migrated from the tradition of the crop for the neutral point of view on the science. It was however not explicitly on the behavior of lead. In his books not necessarily assert Gaston, what not to do.

The pedagogical character of his writings is more on teaching a new perspective on themselves and others, that the hearing certain topics or specific areas of life means. One could say that the extensive production of Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva implies the existence at the time, seemed a kind of psychoanalysis self-help sexologist doing quite successfully, and it is certainly reached more touched the sectors of the middle class by the eternal process modernization and transformation of values, that has passed and still goes the Brazilian society. Which brings us to the fact, already mentioned in relation to Argentina and France, the popularization of psychoanalysis ahead (and maybe relieved) their institutionalization. When that was been arrived sent from the IPA, the first Brazilian psychoanalysis form, already produced also in early form, a demand for this strange kind of treatment. Some decades later, as we know, what has this demand characteristics for an incipient epidemic acquired legions of misguided children of the urban bourgeoisie the couch. The so-called psychoanalytic Boom 70s slowly prepared as we saw for the popularization of 30-40 years, confirmed modernization / civilization through psychoanalysis in Brazilian soil their undeniable connection with the authoritarian modernization of the period, intrinsically accepted.