Juqueri Juqueri

Francis of Assisi. His direct and honest way of dealing with patients and colleagues, as well as his strength of character and perseverance in achieving their goals. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was crazy by a deep tenderness, a limited patience, a huge amount of sympathy and pity. And always said: “I have my activity for the benefit of the unfortunate, need the comfort of use.” Paranhos said Ulysses “, his voice is velvety, the manner earned parental attitudes, their gestures were mild, their questions were about how the reason disinherited arrows in juice drinks in poppy seeds, in the heart.” And the miracle took place.

The patient gives way to the appearance of openness that ACE orders began reign of goodness and gentle heart to calm down, to sell, to humanize himself. “Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Director of the hospital opened (1898) asylum in Cologne.” The unit began to build (1895) architect Ramos de Azevedo, an area of 150 hectares, with an initial capacity of 800 beds, will be with the project in a country outside the line near the station Juqueri. This room was opened with the name of the Cologne hospital asylum (1898), but completed only six years later. Today is Juqueri Juqueri psychiatric hospital in Vila current city Rochester, a name of the County in his honor (Decree Law 6693 by 1934.09.21) called.

The direction was the great psychoanalyst, who has lived there locally with family and raised their six children with his wife Lorena Leopoldina Ferreira Franco given da Rocha. Dr. Franco da Rocha at the turn of the century the ideas of Freud and began his psychoanalytic studies itself and also gained importance in the academic career. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Professor of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medicine of Sao Paulo (1918-1923). In the lecture, he discussed the ideas of Freud, but this area was only a scholar without practice professional.