Laura Blacksmith

The raised factor most important during the research was that in accordance with use of the frmacos in the process of ovulao induction the isolated use of the Citrate of clomifeno had resulted positive, however can occurs overstimulate what it causes cancellation of the cycle. This process is very common in women with SOP. Already the isolated use of the terminator had greater success, in the majority of the studies, when compared with the use only of the citrate of clomifeno. However optimum result of the studies was the agreed use of citrate of palomino and the terminator. (A valuable related resource: Henry Ford Hospital). In such a way reaffirming one it has left of the initial hypothesis of this article. Valley to remember that in some studies no difference in the positive result of induction of ovular with the comparative macrocosm did not meet. Finally the work, considering all its limitations of time, quantitative of the sample and the boarded scientific basement, is advised that the women in fertile age who possess the SOP, initiates an adequate treatment in accordance with the will of the patient, to minimize the symptoms of this syndrome and to improve the quality of life of these women attacks for the SOP. However, the citrate of clomifeno still is the indicated frmaco more and used when it is about treatment of infertility due to presence of the SOP in the women in fertile age..