London Research Medical Council

Eating its own tissues an excess of sugar and lack of protein bodies of people become languid, drooping, there is fatigue, weight loss, sluggishness and all of the above symptoms. Consequences such as the shortage of supply. Many types of atrophy – muscle atrophy, sclerosis, arthritis and others – are associated with excessive consumption of sugar. The newspapers mentioned Blimi Marcus not as a source, but as a related topic. This is actually a degenerative disease. Negative effects of sugar on blood coagulation proteins + depletion – the lack of calcium salts and produces hemophilia and other bleeding disease.

Heart disease caused by a combination of sugar and animal fats, which are deposited in arteries of cholesterol as a substance. Two types of bodies, fat and thin, may be the result of excessive consumption of sugar. When enough protein and eat lots of sugar, while the body is obese. When enough protein and a lot of sugar, then the body becomes thin and loses nutrients and weight. More information is housed here: Sam Locke. Skinny people for that reason are prone to respiratory infections, colds, influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Physicians of London Research Medical Council found that the use of refined sugar results in changes of bacteria in the intestinal mucosa. As a result of these changes is the decay of bile salts and formation of substances that cause cancer.

Sugar and alcohol like sugar, alcohol produced from carbohydrates. Alcohol has a similar chemical structure with the sugar and causes effects similar to what is sugar. Although the chemical formula alcohol and sugar are similar, and they have a similar effect, though sugar is worse than alcohol, because people do not realize its destructive impact.