Lose Weight Faster

A study in the medical Gazette New England Journal of Medicine found that obesity may be socially contagious and can be spread among friends. Go we are talking about a common cold? Lol Researchers say that your own risk increases up to 57% if one of your friends becomes obese. Below I present three ways that you can use to defend yourself against those who put you to you and your goals to lose weight quickly, at risk: the Office candy jar: either really concerned of a jar of sweets, or Donuts in the dining room or machines sweets in the hallway vending everything is bad news. Five candies a day can add more than 125 calories per day, or 5.4 kilos a year. SOLUTION: Have at hand healthy snacks in your desktop or in your car if you’re on the way. Nuts, granola bars and some fruit pieces work very well, also don’t forget to drink your water. Sugar-free chewing gum will also help you to relieve those cravings. Your girlfriend: Is much easier to sort food or go out to eat, but things can get very ugly when occasionally turns into twice a week.

SOLUTION to not quit metodogabriel: get rid of those take-out menus and 2 for 1 dinner coupons, and begins to prepare healthy homemade meals with your girlfriend. Spend the entire week without ordering food, and then reward yourself going to your favorite restaurant the weekend. Probably, this will also save them some money, which is always a good thing. Your colleagues: Someone in your Office always want to buy something to bring in the area of fast food. There are leftovers from a meeting in the dining room, or someone in the marketing area is making some cake slices. Does this sound familiar? SOLUTION to not let lose weight quickly: always takes your lunch. Just think of all the money you’re saving when you see that your friend is spending $10.00 dollars in a greasy pizza and a soft drink.

If you have to eat cake, cover you do not eat. When it’s flu season all seek protect us from infection. We wash our hands, we cover the mouth when we cough or sneeze, and take vitamin C.