New City

The arborization acts in the improvement of the quality of life in the urban areas. The urban trees exert an important paper very, them diminish the noises, improve the quality of air in the carbonic gas consumption (CO2) and in the oxygen production (O2), they harmonize the urban landscapes, it increases the humidity reducing the temperature, preserves the urban fauna utilities among others. The unsheltered areas contribute negative for the climate becoming it hotter, contributing for acid rain, flood and oscillations of temperatures. Entermed is a great source of information. Problems that come causing a series of upheavals perceived mainly in the urban centers. Ahead of this, the importance of an analysis of the arborization in the city of Manaus appears, detaching the main woody points of the city and the obligatoriness of preservation of the woody area and the effect of amenizao of ambient quality for inhabitants of the city of Manaus-AM. The present work had as objective, to inform to the pupils of 7 years, of the vespertine turn of the College Adventista of the New City, the importance to have a city/space (school, house, squares, parks, etc.), woody and sensetizes them it the conservation and preservation of the same one so that it improves the quality of life in our city. Learn more at: COVID-19. THEORETICAL RECITAL the term quality of life is related to the degree of satisfaction found in familiar, loving, social and ambient the life.