Real Estate

It seems as if those responsible for some real estate portals are afraid that their potential customers can have too much information. The fact is that this information is available on the net and just a simple Google search operation to find dozens of pages which describes, from multiple perspectives, the various steps and procedures when successful completion of the acquisition of a home in our country. y of information regarding this issue. Would not it be a sign of transparency include that information in their own real estate portals? Can not help generate a higher level of confidence that the promoter was first interested in your prospect has all the elements to be able to make a choice and purchasing decisions with greater knowledge?

Let us return to our original question: a website is one more office buildings, a shopping mall, and we must provide all resources, all necessary selling points not only to highlight the virtues of the product, but to help the potential buyer to tear down the multiple barriers that separate him from the house of your dreams: ignorance, mistrust, financing needs, the urgency of an educated decision based on knowing all the facts. Among the aspects related to procedures, could include information about benefits of segregation against the mortgage of the promoter to request a new mortgage, comparison of mortgages in Spain and in their own country, comparison of the cost of living for its country of origin: what will the purchasing power of their pensions, for example, steps and documents common in buying off plan, buy turnkey, second-hand housing, etc. and expenses rigged: notary, registration … Information about your rights: warranty periods, ability to claim repairs after delivery if you find deficiencies, guarantee deposits made on account, etc. Possibility to place his permanent home in Spain: voting rights, possibilities of starting a business in our country, the obligation to register the vehicle, medical rights, etc..

This is just a sampling rate information that a potential buyer of home abroad can sue when deciding to buy a house in Spain. The price level has reached the range of real estate in our country has slowed sales. The promoters focused on the sale of second homes do not compete with foreigners in their midst, but mainly with the emergence of new poles of attraction for real estate in other countries, enjoying the weather like in Spain, will represent in the future tough competition after reaching the political and social stability due to its lower operating real estate, its lowest price level and lower cost of living. In a greater degree of processing of information that is provided through the Internet may be the key to attract a clientele which is increasingly distrustful, demanding and uninformed.