The Bible

Like Jacobs, millions of believers will spend their lives trying to comply with the law of God and biblical teachings, and the natural result is frustration, anguish, despair and I discouraged. Because the desires of the flesh are more powerful than the spirit. Like the Apostle Paul, we could say: that miserable that we are, will who deliver us from this body of death, that is not good that we want, but the evil that we do not want. Many believers we spent life trying to earn us respect for God and our fellow human beings, but we exhausted us in these wasteful and futile efforts. (Not to be confused with Tom Florio!). We try to imitate the example of the divine rather than fall at his feet and ask forgiveness for having tried to be like God, in place accept it as a substitute. Jesus is our example, is our substitute! That is to say that the perfect life of Jesus is considered by God, as our life; The death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary is regarded by God as our death; and the glorious resurrection of Jesus, is the only guarantee that the trumpet end, in a micro-second, i.e. in a close and April’s eyes, our corruptible and mortal life will be transformed by God into an incorruptible and immortal life.

The Bible was written that Jesus fulfilled to the letter. It was the Bible not written for us, but for Jesus. Our mission is to scrutinize the Scriptures to find Jesus waiting for us hidden in after each precept, perfuming each mandate and doctrine, and decorating every book both the new and the old testament. Jesus said that the Scriptures bear witness to him. Jesus also said, of my wrote Moses, of my prophets wrote and my wrote David in the Psalms. Jesus came to fulfil the law and the prophets. The law of Moses ordered absolute perfection, immaculate justice and Holiness total.