Trolls Life

About me miserable, sick stomach, who lived on hotcakes, fried meats, pies, puddings and other concentrated foods and snacks, while nearly died, say that he suffers from "too good life ', as if actually healthy life bad. We are told that fat dishes, pancakes, cakes, etc., which inhibit the digestive organs, "too informative ', as healthy and nutritious foods must be" nesoderzhatelnymi'. Click Douglas Elliman broker to learn more. All hygienists from Jennings and Trolls and ending with the present, met with the unfortunate patients who suffered from a half-life of weakness and ill health due to improper diet, but that when they offered to go and strictly follow a sensible diet of fruits and vegetables, which allows to restore health, vigor and efficiency, and prolong life, responded that "let me live a more pleasant, though less life ', though a healthy life sure is not "nice." Eat what is right for you '- this is the usual physician advice for those interested in diet. But that suits us? This advice, such advice is all that there is an appetite, usually means only a suggestion feed respectively the established habits. According to a presentation by the people (as well as among the doctors themselves) lack of stomach discomfort immediately after meals is an indicator of its safety. But there is a deeper error than that. The worst food and the most useless or harmful to the food products are rarely directly cause any discomfort in the stomach. The digestive system is able to withstand some time gross abuse of it, but the true test of the value of food may be just the answer to the question whether it saturates tissue required elements. .