World Osteoporosis Day

What can you do about the disease World Osteoporosis Day? On October 20th, World Osteoporosis Day takes place as in previous years. This for the first time in 1996 called day of action focuses on very combat of bone erosion, which still as disease and comes in little spectacular. For osteoporosis for a growing part of the population is a growing threat. Experts estimate that in the European Union approximately every 30 seconds someone suffers a bone fracture, because the skeleton by an excessive loss of bone substance is weakened. So disturbing this frequency for themselves already alone a fracture due to osteoporosis for the individual concerned is so bad. Because that the risk of bone fractures in older women, especially massive increases, also the treatment not only brings difficulties with it. On the other hand, can not only”to healing body parts affected, but very often complicated to treat bone such as the vertebrae and the thigh.

On the other hand, just the treatment, for example, is hampered by reduced bone mineral density of the femoral. The bone breaks easier, is hardly the support they need for a good cure but also stabilizing implants. Therefore, osteoporosis results no later than after fractures often result in that sufferers in their activities are severely restricted or even care. Now this disease of the bone system belongs not only to the most common diseases of the industrialized nations, but she will become very safe according to demographic projections due to the growing proportion of older people in our society. There are estimates that the number of osteoporosis patients will double in the next 40 years. There are actually relatively simple in addition to giving up alcohol and nicotine for the prevention and treatment approaches. The strengthening of bones that rests on two important pillars: calcium and vitamin D. calcium we take especially by milk products on”know Kerstin Thierfelder, pharmacist the EU mail-order pharmacy, but so that the body can absorb it, he needs vitamin D at the same time.” This vitamin is contained only in a few foods such as fish.