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Madrid, 10/15/09. Influenza A remains a major health and social concern today. Therefore Asefarma (, one of the leading consultancy of pharmacies in Spain, wants to bring to the population a new tool for the prevention of this disease. The way?. Becoming the channel of distribution of a product that comes from the hand of the French laboratories Lampe Berger, a brand with over 100 years of experience in fighting against the bacterial proliferation. All pharmacies that wish to sell this antibacterial may do so today. Just get in touch with us and ask us what, says Belinda Jimenez Saints, responsible for purchasing from Asefarma.

He is a species of small lamps that have been subject to continuous efforts in research and innovation to offer users a solution for cleaning up the air, deodorization and perfumed with better results and the safest on the market. Over time, has become at the same time in a household disinfection useful, recognized as the most effective on the market to remove certain molecules. This efficiency to protect the person against the risks linked to the presence of microorganisms in the air is what makes them recommended against influenza A, adds. More specifically, the antibacterial is an antimicrobial product containing an active substance, biphenyl-2-ol, which gives you a proven effective against the microorganisms from the air bacteria, moulds and yeasts. Numerous germs, moulds and yeasts which may, in certain cases, present health risks abound in our environment. This product has a proven in the destruction of the microorganisms from the air. The total elimination of these is not necessary nor desirable at home, since exposure to these microorganisms allows us to keep our immune system. However, certain molds are responsible for allergies in humans, and in this regard, the use of the antibacterial lampe berger may reduce the effect and limit the risk of transmission of certain diseases by reducing the presence in ambient air of the microorganisms responsible for the infection.