The Amount

In addition, there are models with complete withdrawal of capital and models with combined partial retirement and partial payment. Since 2012, there is also the increased pension in the event of the need for care. Should already exist at the beginning of the pension a long-term care this pension can be claimed. So for example the 2.5 times regular annuity is paid for life for a 64 man. MONEYMAXX the increased pension in the event of the need for care is integrated into the regular pension plan, by the way. This pension model can be chosen by discover customers until early the retirement phase, without premium discounts. All discover policies contain a care option and aimed also at customers who are still not care to retirement.

Without health care insurance is possible up to the age of 67 years. While the customer may conclude with current amounts or one-time payment the insurance. The MONEYMAXX warranty concepts the discover pension policies are for everyone thought of three layers of old-age provision. They offer transparency and orientation clients and consultants and shine with an overarching concept of investment. While the core of products refers to investments in funds of all asset classes or managed Fondsbaskets with high quality requirements.

The latest warranty model of leader DWS is used for all tariff variants of three pot-hybrids. The flexible portfolio insurance (FPI) is more dynamic than all existing guarantee mechanisms and can thus react to volatile markets. Freely selectable between 10 and 100% of the amount of the contribution, the level of guarantee is individual. Starting in 2012, there are new variants of the discover guarantee rates. With the option guarantee PLUS ad valorem development beyond the amount of the contribution increase of the guarantee sum provided. This goes over the whole period. With good prices, hence the guarantee level increases. It can be reached so many times the contribution totals warranty.