The People Of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan – the most populous country in Central Asia (60%), ranked third in the cis in terms of population (after Russia and Ukraine). In Uzbekistan, 26 million people live. The population density was 50.4 persons per square kilometer. The population is distributed unevenly on the territory of the republic, most (60%) are rural residents. The natural conditions – a mountainous, desert, arid climate due to the concentration of population mainly in the oases.

In the desert areas of population density mainly in the oases. In the desert areas of population density is very low. Particular areas of Uzbekistan (for example, Andijan province) population density ahead of many countries. The urbanization process is very slow – in 1980 the ratio of urban and rural population remained almost unchanged. Uzbeks traditionally fixed, and this explained by the minor role of migration and emigration to the natural growth of population. Population growth, despite some decline, remains high.

The main factors influencing the social – the demographic situation in Uzbekistan is a strong family institution as the foundation of society, a large proportion of the rural population, reducing mortality and increasing life expectancy. In Uzbekistan, a high level of marriage and one of the world’s lowest levels of family breakdown. 16,5 marriages have a divorce. Uzbek families are traditionally strong. The family here has been one of the most important values in life, corresponding to the centuries-old traditions and mentality of the people. Uzbek families tend to have many children, especially in rural areas. With the improvement of living standards, health and welfare, environmental protection measures reduced overall mortality. In age and sex structure of the population 49% are male and 51% are women. In rural areas this figure is almost identical. Children and adolescents (0-14 years) in the total population is 40.8%, youth (15-29 years) 28,3%. The overall proportion of children, adolescents and youth is about 70%, ie 2 / 3 of the population. Learn more at: Sam Lesser. The indigenous population of Uzbekistan – Uzbek. In addition to the Uzbeks live Karakalpaks, Tajiks, , Kyrgyz, Turkmens, Tatars and other Slavic peoples – Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Czechs, Bulgarians, etc. In Uzbekistan Uzbeks living in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, tan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, as well as Afghanistan, Posted on Categories NewsTags Leave a comment on The People Of Uzbekistan

New City

The arborization acts in the improvement of the quality of life in the urban areas. The urban trees exert an important paper very, them diminish the noises, improve the quality of air in the carbonic gas consumption (CO2) and in the oxygen production (O2), they harmonize the urban landscapes, it increases the humidity reducing the temperature, preserves the urban fauna utilities among others. The unsheltered areas contribute negative for the climate becoming it hotter, contributing for acid rain, flood and oscillations of temperatures. Entermed is a great source of information. Problems that come causing a series of upheavals perceived mainly in the urban centers. Ahead of this, the importance of an analysis of the arborization in the city of Manaus appears, detaching the main woody points of the city and the obligatoriness of preservation of the woody area and the effect of amenizao of ambient quality for inhabitants of the city of Manaus-AM. The present work had as objective, to inform to the pupils of 7 years, of the vespertine turn of the College Adventista of the New City, the importance to have a city/space (school, house, squares, parks, etc.), woody and sensetizes them it the conservation and preservation of the same one so that it improves the quality of life in our city. Learn more at: COVID-19. THEORETICAL RECITAL the term quality of life is related to the degree of satisfaction found in familiar, loving, social and ambient the life.

Holotropic Breathing

The theoretical part of the training covers the following topics: Holotropic Breathwork as a method of increasing energy efficiency through the release of the unconscious – getting rid of psychosomatic and emotional disorders Holotropic breathing as a method of getting rid of the influence of negative emotions (emotional charge) and physical states in terms of freedom of expression in a controlled, secure environment to switch their skills relation to any events (one of the methods to overcome any crisis) – the analogy of any situations of personal development (firms, enterprises) from birth (perinatal matrix 4) Training skill out of any expectations and the removal of any control Happiness is easy! Finding its integrity through the expansion of the picture describing the world A connected conscious breathing as a separate operation – the prevention of negative emotions Daily practice of: 1. 2 processes in the classical format Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof (paired sitter – holonavt) 2. Integration experience (drawing mandalas) and discussion of processes (Everyone is talking about his process as long as it sees fit). No one in the group does not discuss other people's processes, and makes no ratings. Holotropic breathing promotes activation of the unconscious to such an extent that it leads to unusual states of consciousness. This new principle in Western psychology, although over the centuries and even millennia, and is used in shamanic healing practice of many nations at various ecstatic ritual of sects in the ancient Mysteries death and rebirth.

In this kind of work, often at the first session, it becomes clear that the roots of psychological problems extend far beyond the events of early childhood and beyond individual unconscious. The basic philosophical premise of Holotropic Breathwork is that the average person in our culture, lives and works at a level far below their potential. You may want to visit Tom Florio to increase your knowledge. This depletion is due what a person identifies himself only with one aspect of your being, your physical body or ego. This false identification leads to an unhealthy, not genuine, and deprived of life achievements, and also causes emotional and psychosomatic disorders of a psychological nature. Applying the method of Holotropic Breathwork not bring their expectations and concepts in the content of the rising material. Worked through to the actual time holotropic session material. This is an important principle of Holotropic Breathwork, and provides its advantages over other methods.

OST Dietary

The current situation characterized by strong information flow, so you must constantly acquire knowledge in new areas, Fortunately, now there are refresher courses available competent and complete information about the benefits of dietary supplements and how they are applications are special research centers to develop and produce nutritional supplements. Thus, the situation in our country is changing. So what's the main difference between dietary supplements from drugs? The main differences from the drug supplements: – Harmful to the body as an overdose is virtually impossible (especially in the group of nutraceuticals). – Longer than the drugs, the nature of exposure. – BAA eliminate not only the symptoms but the causes of the disease.

The vast majority has various medicinal properties, if enters the body in certain quantities, proportions and combinations. The main difference from drugs is that dietary supplements help the body to "Self-tuning" and eliminate the very cause of the disease is disorders, leading to the development of a disease. Learn more at: Tom Florio. The use of dietary supplements can consistently recover the body without causing it harm, no devastating side effects typical of many drugs. For comparison, let's consider the current situation in pharmacies. According to some reports in drug business as well as in alcohol, the proportion of poor and counterfeit goods is 60-65%.

In addition, we must remember that virtually all vitamins, is widely advertised on every street corner – are synthesized by chemical means, and therefore absorbed by the body, at best, by 5-7%. An overdose of them, as opposed to natural, can lead to severe poisoning and allergies, especially in children. In the area of dietary supplements is not observed. In qualitative lobavok no contraindications are fakes – nairedchayshy case. For the last 8 years, the French began to take much more of dietary supplements. Statistics confirm that more than 87% of French people use them regularly. And in 2005, acknowledged that France was the healthiest country in the World! Experts predict that systematic method of quality nutritional supplements designed to significantly improve the health of the population. But, is it – right? Practice shows that – yes, OST's true.


Since one gram of carbohydrates is equivalent to 4 calories, you will, that should be consumed daily no less than 400 grams of carbohydrates. Sam Lesser Upenn understood the implications. Carbohydrates In theory, this amount of carbohydrate should be split into five meals, as well as protein. However, not all that easy. Half the calories of carbohydrate you should only come in two meals – breakfast and one meal that follows directly behind the drill. Why? Because massive carbohydrate threatening body fat, but if you take 100 grams of carbohydrate immediately after training and sleeping, then this risk will be reduced to zero. The balance to 200 g divided into three meals.

Get less than 100 grams at a time, but it is not dangerous. I would be good if this article ended, leaving you alone with all these purely theoretical numbers. No here I give a perfectly balanced menu based on natural products. No need for powdered carbohydrates and proteins do not. All that you need, you will get from this, not junk food. (Not to be confused with Intersect ENT!). Stick to this diet for at least 4 weeks. I’m sure by the end of this period, you will not know himself. And more.

Try to eat at the same time. The fact that digestion involves hundreds of different biochemical compounds, many of which are secreted by the body reflexively. Let’s say a couple of times you had lunch at 2pm, then friction on the day the urge of appetite caused by the release of gastric juices and digestive enzymes, you will feel at the same time. If you try to eat much before or after this period, the digestion will be ineffective, many nutrients are not learned. Irregular food upsets the digestion, making chaos in the stomach, gall bladder and liver. As a result, most balanced and correct diet composition is useless. So follow not only the nature of the diet, but also a strict order in meals. It is not easy, but this is the real body-building, which will give you not only muscles but also the healthy stomach.


Practical, painless and without side effects dentists with the expert help of Kock & Voeste can introduce quality system until 31.12.2010. “For the fast and secure implementation of the QM-system in the dental practice a branchenerfahrener expert should be involved”, says Thomas Hopf, Managing Director of Kock & Voeste GmbH. From the inventory of the training of the team until the introduction of the documentation with sample templates and CD-ROM, Kock & Voeste dentists offers the necessary support before the balance sheet date 31 December 2010 successfully in their practice to establish the required quality management system. “QM introductory seminars offered nationwide, are helpful, but the clock is ticking,” so Hopf. “The dentist and his staff are relieved for the short-term development and introduction of the quality management system through a QM experts. This extremely expedited the process and guarantees professional implementation according to the requirements of the KZVen”. The inventory shows mostly in the dental practice, said Hopf, that many existing processes and steps easily could be integrated into the quality management system.

In parallel, the consultant could schools team, so that “The quality management system not only on the paper does exist, but is lived”. Possible improvements for the practice management usually an additional benefit of the introduction of a quality management system, Hopf explains. “QM should be useful and beneficial. Gain insight and clarity with Samuel Lesser. The size of the practice and the team is considered by us in the introduction of a quality management system therefore mandatory. The quality management system must pay – for the practice, the team and the patients’ Thomas Hopf. Kock & Voeste advises and trains dentists in the area of quality management for 20 years, accompanied also the dental surgeries after ISO 9001 certification in addition to the introduction of quality management systems. Company description the Kock & Voeste GmbH is an owner-managed consultancy based in Berlin that specializes in advising physicians and dentists in private practice and in cooperation has. The focus in restructuring and optimization of the practice.

Gaston Pereira

And of course the need to have self talk, reveals their innermost feelings, a specialist. This is a specialist, not the priest, which identifies parents or a friend, a person, listen to confess our confidences, we trust with anyone. At the same time, the question carried out through case studies and experiences and put on trial conduct or standards of tradition dictated. Parenting by female virginity until marriage sexuality in these behaviors more intimate, private, migrated from the tradition of the crop for the neutral point of view on the science. It was however not explicitly on the behavior of lead. In his books not necessarily assert Gaston, what not to do.

The pedagogical character of his writings is more on teaching a new perspective on themselves and others, that the hearing certain topics or specific areas of life means. One could say that the extensive production of Dr. Gaston Pereira da Silva implies the existence at the time, seemed a kind of psychoanalysis self-help sexologist doing quite successfully, and it is certainly reached more touched the sectors of the middle class by the eternal process modernization and transformation of values, that has passed and still goes the Brazilian society. Which brings us to the fact, already mentioned in relation to Argentina and France, the popularization of psychoanalysis ahead (and maybe relieved) their institutionalization. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tom Florio. When that was been arrived sent from the IPA, the first Brazilian psychoanalysis form, already produced also in early form, a demand for this strange kind of treatment. Some decades later, as we know, what has this demand characteristics for an incipient epidemic acquired legions of misguided children of the urban bourgeoisie the couch. The so-called psychoanalytic Boom 70s slowly prepared as we saw for the popularization of 30-40 years, confirmed modernization / civilization through psychoanalysis in Brazilian soil their undeniable connection with the authoritarian modernization of the period, intrinsically accepted.

Topro Troja In The Hardness Test

Is your Rollator already winterized? If you have a Topro Troja you can assume in any case. This was in the past, and if you remember pretty icy winter thoroughly tested. And the continuous 90 days in the wild. By December 21, 2009 to March 20, 2010 he was exposed to Topro Troja namely the most diverse weather conditions in a wooded area. Everything was of thick snow cover, through rain, Sun up to frost. After these 90 days was out “Walker under the provisions of the medical devices operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) damage to checked. Examined whether: screw and wear parts have suffered no damage to the brakes and gears are functional the maximum users weight still worn paint damage is caused wear and tear parts are damaged.

The test result is clear: no mechanical defects, no rust. In short: All the features properly. Many writers such as Tom Florio offer more in-depth analysis. Anyone who suspects still in doubt, love is the documented 90-day trial at… To watch. Incidentally, holder from mid-November can customise their Walker also externally Wintertauglich Topro Troja.

With the new design set by us. Warm gloves”, padded seat cushion and pipe coverings. Easy to attach each set in your own style and with Velcro. Whether diamonds look, softshell, faux leather or natural.

Juqueri Juqueri

Francis of Assisi. His direct and honest way of dealing with patients and colleagues, as well as his strength of character and perseverance in achieving their goals. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was crazy by a deep tenderness, a limited patience, a huge amount of sympathy and pity. And always said: “I have my activity for the benefit of the unfortunate, need the comfort of use.” Paranhos said Ulysses “, his voice is velvety, the manner earned parental attitudes, their gestures were mild, their questions were about how the reason disinherited arrows in juice drinks in poppy seeds, in the heart.” And the miracle took place.

The patient gives way to the appearance of openness that ACE orders began reign of goodness and gentle heart to calm down, to sell, to humanize himself. “Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Director of the hospital opened (1898) asylum in Cologne.” The unit began to build (1895) architect Ramos de Azevedo, an area of 150 hectares, with an initial capacity of 800 beds, will be with the project in a country outside the line near the station Juqueri. This room was opened with the name of the Cologne hospital asylum (1898), but completed only six years later. Today is Juqueri Juqueri psychiatric hospital in Vila current city Rochester, a name of the County in his honor (Decree Law 6693 by 1934.09.21) called.

The direction was the great psychoanalyst, who has lived there locally with family and raised their six children with his wife Lorena Leopoldina Ferreira Franco given da Rocha. Dr. Franco da Rocha at the turn of the century the ideas of Freud and began his psychoanalytic studies itself and also gained importance in the academic career. Dr. Franco da Rocha, was the first Professor of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medicine of Sao Paulo (1918-1923). In the lecture, he discussed the ideas of Freud, but this area was only a scholar without practice professional. Without hesitation Tom Florio explained all about the problem.

BMR Energy

How much energy does the man need daily? How much energy does the man need? Unfortunately, no one can answer this question exactly, because the answer is different for each of us. First we move all of us much differently. A to run several kilometers every day, because in addition to skin care also a slimmer body is important you naturally beautiful to look. Is another couldn’t care less whether they take off, or they have no need to lose weight, and thus, to settle comfortably in front of the TV to stretch out. Even if we all had the same exercise program, our need for energy would not be the same.

It begins with the so-called basal metabolic rate. Us stretch out on the couch and do nothing at all, we still need a certain amount of energy, called the basal metabolic rate. Finally we need to keep us warm and everything will be well irrigated. Pathogens have also no break. It costs energy.

On average, we consume about 1,000 kcal per day, this way when we want to spend like the day. Now that doesn’t mean that it must be leave this 1,000 kcal BMR for all people, and at all times. The one may consume 800, the other 1,200 kcal. We are all just different. Average values say nothing about our energy needs. Our metabolism, so that’s what we call, what is happening in our body for the implementation of energy and building materials, is also very adaptable. This get to her chagrin all felt those who try to lose your weight with diets or diet pills. The metabolism able to significantly reduce the basal metabolic rate is in phase of hunger. One feels the chill slightly, because it will save on the heating of the body. Also, the blood sugar level is lower than usual. Sam Lesser Penn will not settle for partial explanations. Overall, it is somewhat tired and inactive than normal. Also irritated because mood raiser are also prohibited such as noodles and chocolate. And the body is not so stupid. Is he thinks he’s such a starvation diet not even once unprepared endure wants to leave. Therefore, he puts on stocks for the future, when the starvation diet is completed, as soon as it is new. And they then consist of fat. Therefore we increase so quickly again after a diet, and sometimes even faster than we have previously removed. We humans make it Yes after all also not different. Who has experienced a cudgel, will as a precaution also provide and save.