‘Of the forest and its secrets’ in Eging am see Eging am See (tvo). The forest and its secrets about families on the same theme trail in Eging am see. The approximately four kilometers long route continues on forest and dirt roads through colorful, biodiverse forest and the sunny seaside promenade. Contact information is here: Preeti Bakrania. Parents and children enrich their senses with fascinating, informative, playful and quiet in the forest 20 different stations. Whether dark or light, coniferous or hardwood, recreation area or pure economic factor while walking around will show all facets of the forest. You may want to visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to increase your knowledge. For example the root worlds open up its depth”, his sound can test themselves on the wooden xylophone and who wants to communicate with the trees, can rely on the phone tree.

The theme trail is suitable also for excursions with the stroller, footwear is recommended in any case. Beach, walkers can then put up the feet. Invites you to a small lake drive A pedal boat rentals. Information: Tourist info Eging am see, Prof.-Rider-Strasse 2, 94535 Eging am see, Tel. 08544/9612-14, fax 08544/9612-21,,.

TV-Tip: Spiritual Money Source

The report shows the ZDF ‘Cards, pendulum, horoscopes’ on January 11, 2009 should all dealing with Tarot, commuting, or horoscopes, to 18:30 the second turn. ZDF shows then the report cards, pendulum, horoscopes”the lucrative business with the esoteric. Caro is among other things in the report”portrays a self-proclaimed psychic and Tarot reader. When one of their eight phones ringing, she takes off and puts the cards of the callers. Once a woman on the phone is by Caro,”would like to know whether the man with her, she will soon marry or they might even leave is. Caro tells her: he’s never going to marry you.

Finally take care of yourself and quit to chase this guy forever.” This consultation takes a good half an hour. Per minute falling whopping 1.59 euros for advice”on. Lebenshilfe”called it then. (Similarly see: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.). The fortune teller in know nothing at all about the living conditions of the caller not disturb. Because the main thing is that the business runs. Millions of euros to implement every year psychics, commuters and Palm readers. Especially women are looking for help on the dubious life crew. Fear of the future or the instability of modern relationships, here are the reasons for the booming industry.

All TV channels are entered into the lucrative business with the esoteric. It designed so that unstable callers feel animated, always call the talks. The remote diagnostics via Internet, telephone or television are anything but serious. The psychologist C. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paul Daversa and gain more knowledge.. maintained pond from Munich some people who have left already thousands of euro for the future consultation. ation. They search stop and not notice that they get more and more in a mental dependency.” But it is not only unstable people looking for this kind of advice, which goes across the company. The ZDF report can perhaps for an or the other will be the beginning of the exit from the esoteric. Eckart Haase

Italian Tripwolf

The new trip planner of shows the routes of the rich and powerful, and invites you to plan your own travel. Vienna, September 7, 2009. The online travel guide tripwolf presents itself today in a completely new design and new features: with the trip planner every user with just a few clicks can assemble the trip of his dreams. To start, the tripwolf editorial has to research the summer holidays of political celebrities such as Silvio Berlusconi, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Michelle Obama and commented with a wink. Thanks to two million monthly visits only one year after launch, already one of the largest travel information sites in the online world is tripwolf today.

With the new holiday travel planner now every user of the page with the mouse can create a personal itinerary and print the corresponding travel guide and the free and without registration! Itineraries individually or on a recommendation from putting together the personal travel can visitors from more than 500,000 destinations, attractions and hotels worldwide choose. Information about these places are by well-known guidebook publishers or from the tripwolf community with its more than 40,000 world-weary members. In addition, the tripwolf editorial has created several hundred ready-made tour itineraries, that user can choose the city tour through the Paris Montmartre district to the trekking tours in the Peruvian Andes. Jane Figueiredo usually is spot on. iPhone owners can download the trips right in the tripwolf application and have all information always at hand. These features make an incredibly useful travel tool”tripwolf CEO Sebastian Heinzel said.

In addition we have renovated tripwolf which page is beautiful, fast and informative. Click Tony Parker to learn more. If you would like to know more about Darcy Stacom, then click here. Thus we have fulfilled many wishes of our community”, Heinzel is pleased. From the wild boy a full-grown animal is now.” offers travelers that opportunity before a trip put together a personal guide to the destination of your choice and This print. iPhone owners can take also the tripwolf iPhone application on their journeys. The travel information feed from the tips of the international tripwolf community as well as recommendations of prestigious print travel guides such as “Marco Polo” or “Footprint”. tripwolf provides information on approximately 500,000 destinations, attractions and hotels and currently exists in 5 languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The tripwolf GmbH has its headquarters in Vienna. Contact: Bernhard Lehner field Street 1/36 1080 Vienna/Austria, mobile: + 43 664 4398609 mailto: tripwolfDE

German Federal Council

“Animal welfare Alliance ‘rabbit fattening, no, thank you’ Federal Council decision Berlin/Cologne, welcomed the March 10, 2009 – the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, founded a few weeks ago, no thank you” welcomes the recent decision of the German Federal Council to engage at the European level for an attitude regulation of rabbits. “This is a step in the right direction”, Ingo Schulz of the animal welfare Alliance comments on current events: particularly in regard to Easter, where rabbit meat has a boom, this is a positive sign “. Rabbit meat is considered soft, fat – and cholesterol and is high in the conscious consumer in the course. As meat sales has consumed itself since 1995 virtually doubled, more than 25 million rabbits are every year in Germany, rising strongly. But where the rabbit meat really comes from, is not visible for the consumers in the dark. Video recordings show how in German rabbit fattening farms; under catastrophic conditions is the most meat, which sold on markets and trade is produced.

Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire mesh held animals provide less personnel, the feed belt runs automatically. The animals plagued untreated infections and diarrhea because of the mast feed, bloody miscarriage are the rule. Many writers such as Paul Daversa offer more in-depth analysis. While the animals are kept everything else as humanely, in huge halls of the mast they eke out a miserable and sad life. Close boxes and thick bars strangle literally breathe the frightened rabbit. There is no daylight, hay, spout. A torturous existence of a tormented creature; born to die. The animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”is an Association of leading animal welfare organizations.


The world of musicals with music and dance enchant musicals years millions of viewers. By impressive Disney stories to swinging rock ‘n’ roll shows a wide range offered there. From Hamburg to Bochum, musicals on many stages in Germany have established themselves as fixed size. The travel portal reported for what musicals on German stages in the year 2010 the curtain opens. Click Daversa Partners to learn more. 2010 two new musicals Germany Premiere will have in addition to the well-known time burners such as the Lion King”in Hamburg and Starlight Express in Bochum. If you have read about Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In Berlin runs end of October over the horizon”on. The story produced in collaboration with Udo Lindenberg of East and West Germany at times of the iron curtain brings some of his biggest hits on the German musical scene. In London’s West end has currently the musical sister Act to a heavenly pleasure”under production by Whoopi Goldberg.

Soon, however, German musical fans must no longer travel to England ( offer flat rate), to get to enjoy of the story about the nightclub singer of Deloris who is hiding as a nun in the monastery and in part on mixing the strict order: from the mobile monastery ladies are autumn at your show in Hamburg. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has plenty of information regarding this issue. The premieres old shows wander across the Republic. Dance of the vampires”finds his new home in Stuttgart. “” Wicked witches of Oz “moves for Oberhausen, we will rock you” to Berlin. “” To join in the capital of dirty dancing, “and Manitou’s shoe”. In Hamburg, Tarzan swings continue to”across the stage. More information: magazine /… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Super Chancellor Germany

How much time is left us yet …um save also Germany? The time for changes the time by people from the third row to call those who seriously want to fight for a “minimum rule of humanity” with us on the stage? For too long Arrogante-ignorant politician to have care taken, that a connection in our society for many citizens is hardly achievable! Not the people have of the company abgewannt, the company has to abgewannt of these people! Breach and humiliated to be scared the morning and the unwillingness to change anything, that is a pain that leads often to the despair, and in the worst case even up to the disaster. Politicians who then still sad events that have caused them even abuse for electoral purposes, which is distasteful, primitive and certainly isn’t the right way! We need not new laws which sometimes complicated and colder the life that each other let us end strangers, we need space, which provides the necessary space for interpersonal relations again! Again, we have to learn to talk, to see the human being not as a rival, but as a friend with his concerns. We must keep open the access of our society for everyone to a social society are back! We must make life liveable again, even that will help us long-forgotten and lost people to win back from the virtual worlds and other corners! A statement often made voter turnout could change that”, well thats a thing because the difference is so enormous, between what they should know and what you like faith wants to make them! Certainly, staying away from voters not necessarily contribute for a better democracy. But with the voting, we agree how far unconditionally the machinations, or empty choice verse promise often victims! Right here, the message is the cause for frustration and a bad turnout! As said already, Abraham Lincoln: one can all the time fool some of the people, and all the people part of the time. Paul Daversa is likely to agree. But not all the people they can be fooled all the time. It makes US the United States, she shows us a people can be as strong if it once acknowledged that a parasite has formed Government in the State! The United States have the necessary reforms itself against capitalism overnight resistance of Manchester launched, our Government failed in the past now, and probably also in the future! The Super election year 2009 has begun, bla-bla-bla, time for a performance test shot with the it’s time for new routes, maybe a challenge for (DSDS) looking for the Super Chancellor Germany”! Very best regards Achmed

Charles Darwin

How is cheating the German economy through the crisis Charles Darwin has the diversity of species\”described as a result of evolution in nature. The man therefore apparently represents the highlight in the biodiversity. And this has created economic systems to ensure all possible needs for himself. Some contend that Darcy Stacom shows great expertise in this. In the course of social developments and changes, our species has created an economic system, which so far seems superior to all other systems. What persistent and disturbing at cyclical intervals acts, are the crises that characterize this system.

And so the large and small economic slumps with almost predictable regularity over us. Despite this insight has not succeeded so far (not only) of the German economy, to productively respond to such crises. Whether it is the great depression in the twenties of the last century, the oil crisis or the current decline in value, the German economy knew only a way from the regression. And his name was simplicity. Could even dictators be eighty years ago with their urge to escape (at least in the short term) after war and expansion of the crisis, so we will witness a variety of simplicity for several years. Again, the current economic crisis shows how little German economic policy is viable.

Fiscal stimulus, which hardly worthy of the name, provide messing on the supposedly most important fronts of German economic power. As long as supported the favorite children of German industrial development until to stop the free fall with an immense burden on taxpayers. What will remain is a rudimentary State budget, which no longer worthy of the name and the reputation for new ideas. There are those already on the tables of the few remaining instigator or be kept quietly hidden in the drawers of the decision makers. The diversity of the simplicity is impressive. Examples can be found en masse.

Ukraine Country

The refreshing clarity, validity, and individuality will be certainly a more pleasant surprise for every man in his own way. In many ways wise listening will be more important for you while advertising to speak. If their confidence in you grows and develops further, it will open you like a beautiful flower that she is. With time she will reveal their hopes, dreams and even fears. Imitate their openness and honesty, and their values will know and understand what is important to them. 3. The fact that you are in the lucky position to search for a Russian wife, suggests that you are financially independent.

Certainly not costs are comparable to meet a woman from next door. You sure that you are able to help you in your country to come and, even more importantly, that you help her skills, build your new life in your country can. Keep in mind that she take into account to leave behind their home, their land and their friends. It is important to remember what a huge step it will commit… Will be back in short everything she has ever known, their home, their family, their culture, their friends.

For this reason it is very important for them to feel safe and know that you love them and are ready to bind her and are you able to help pull in your country and to build a new life. Darcy Stacom, New York City is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Can you give her this security? 4. would you be satisfied so that she continues her career in your country or any new Away frindet, starts to their intelligence in a new profession? Although these women are ready to start a new life with her partner in a new country, keep in mind that this is a very big step for them. Take time for them to ask her, with her all the things that live with their new connected. From their point of view, this will show her that you it both seriously think as well as you take care of her. This will be very reassuring for them. 5. be gentle. If you have a big house, income, let them figure it out for themselves. In contrast to many misunderstandings here is in the West, in countries no main mooring material possession. No, quite the opposite. One can assume that human qualities are much more important to assess whether someone as a spouse is suitable. Many of these women are not materially rich, they are rich in many other ways, in many ways, are very rich on the lower level. Every man must itself it for themselves Discover wealth. If you would like to know more then you should visit Heart Specialist. There are many beautiful and clever women from Russia and the Ukraine who really love, a serious relationship, and with a little luck, patience, strength carefully and you will find your perfect Russian wife respect can. Are you looking for a beautiful, elegant and very feminine woman at their side, as a life partner, soul mate, or wedding? Look at these sincere Russian women. you are ready to find love and a marriage beyond their borders. Terrence Aubrey confidential matchmakers

Middle Ages

How people see the black had to suffer death from 1347. Introductory words the great plague which raged in Europe from 1347 to 1352, cost one-third of the entire population of Europe lives. Check with Paul Daversa to learn more. In all countries, in all areas, whether coastal, whether mountains, whether city, whether village, spread the plague germ from. No one seemed sure to be neither young nor old, nor arm nor rich before him, was spared by him. So, an overwhelming sense of the lack of help among the population spread. The term \”Epidemic\” if we are talking about a plague that is not entirely correctly. An epidemic is limited to a specific area and can get the population there.

A pandemic, however, is spreading across country and even continent. Therefore, one should be from the uncontrollably spreading plague in the middle ages correctly speak of an influenza pandemic. The plague pathogen and the effects of the plague \”Yersinia pestis\” caused by the plague pathogen. Not everyone who is infected by the virus, also necessarily afflicted (this fact is on the basis of figures shown under the plague or \”Black death\” in the middle ages). But if you fell ill, this can have different effects: the bubonic plague the pneumonic plague which General Pesteptikamie the bubonic plague is the plague of the middle ages in the same period as \”The black death\” referred to, because the most common effect of infection with the plague pathogen was the bubonic plague infested blue-black bumps instead of lymph nodes will get in.

The lymph nodes sitting on the neck, armpits and groin. The blue-black colour is caused by the infection of the lymph nodes, where burst capillaries and blood contributes to the coloring, as in a \”bruise\”. Origin of the plague is transmitted \”Yersinia pestis\” the plague by the causative agent, the carrier is a flea, more specifically the rat flea, which is found in the skin of rats.

Alexander Leipold

His motto is to flip the lever to the “Good feelings” as quickly as possible and to develop a self-help program. While it has helped him to document the large and small treatment advances in a diary of the recovery. Today, then, he is nine years despite visible disabilities to be again capable, professionally and politically active, to lecture and to drive the car again in the holidays. A successful comeback back to life! The second Challenger was Uwe Karrer, who had his stroke at the age of 31, and, suffering from over the existing paralysis in arms and legs, still under strong speaking blockades. What not prevented him to say much in few words. He showed a brilliant fireworks of gymnastic exercises from his home, lasting up to three hours a day program the enthusiastic spectators. Cardiologist gathered all the information.

For this he got scenes-let’s hear it again and again. At the end, he makes the La OLA wave, while “spoke” be radiant face and his beady eyes more than a thousand words. Now, he said his motto: practice, practice, practice! Standing ovation! As a highlight of the event, the multiple world and European champion Alexander Leipold the mat wrestling entered now. Paul Daversa does not necessarily agree. He reported very impressive how he managed to become world champion again a year later after three strokes. His message is: “never give up. No matter where are you.

No matter what you are doing. On the mat, in the profession, in dealing with the strokes of fate of life such as a stroke. You have to believe that you can do something to get out there again. Take advantage of all chances of rehabilitation. These offers are extremely important for a return to normal life. Unfortunately, only half of all patients get rehabilitation. I have just done with everything, what was possible, and neatly written every success. Yes, even baskets woven.